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Unlock all The amazing Spider-Man 2 game Codes & Cheats list (PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS)

Here’s exactly how to unlock every The exceptional Spider-Man 2 video game codes and cheats. Every The exceptional Spider-Man 2 game codes occupational for the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and also 3DS versions of this brand-new action-adventure game.

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Unlimited XP Cheat:

A action by step guide that explains the The amazing Spider-Man 2: The Game limitless XP:

•Step 1: You have the right to replay story missions from Peter Parker’s room. Load up mission “Chapter 4: Raid ~ above OSCORP”.•Step 2: proceed playing v the mission until you get out of the wait vents. A cutscene will certainly start, hold the Back/Select button to skip the Cutscene. Climate stealth death the four adversary raiders and also take under the 5th (the last staying enemy) raider together you see fit.•Step 3: once you’re finished with the critical enemy, the on-screen indicator will now tell girlfriend you’ve completed the main Objective to “Take down the raiders” and also that you’ve been awarded 325 XP for your suit. ~ you see that, stop the game. Choose “Restart” mission, then choose “Yes” come restart native the last checkpoint. This will begin you turn off from once you gain out of the air vents again.•Step 4: You have the right to repeat steps 1 come 3 again and again until you’ve got to the maximum fit Level the 8.


•Go come Peter Parker’s house to visit Aunt May and take care of an individual business. In his room you’ll uncover Peter’s wardrobe closet, it gives players a opportunity to acquire their hands on the selection of suits that are included in the game. These suit options offer far more than simply a cosmetics effect. – 13 Suits have the right to be unlocked because that Spider-Man by perfect the game’s story campaign from start to end. The continuing to be 6 are bonus or payment DLC extras.

To unlock all 19 suits, inspect out our “The impressive Spider-Man 2 video game Unlockable Costumes” guide.

•Next, in “Chapter 3: Live by The Sword…”, the Spider-Man creator Stan Lee renders his causing obligation game/movie cameo by conserving him indigenous a burning building; girlfriend activate this through doing one of the heroic deeds in new York City to inspection street crime by beating increase those thugs till one litter a molotov cocktail right into an apartment building setting it top top fire.

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Afterwards you have the right to pay a visit come his nearby Comic was standing for a fourth wall breaking chat. In ~ which point, you have the right to visit the store to check out your Marvel numbers collection left that the counter. Just how to unlock these figures: You’ll unlock various numbers in your adventure and also learn cool facts by acquisition a look in ~ them. Through collecting as much as 300 comic pages in the city, you will certainly unlock cool comic books to be read in the save as well.

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