Case study: The 2000-Meter Row: A instance in Homeostasis1. What is responsible for raising Jim"s heart and also respiratory rate and also stimulating sweat just before the race?When the race is about to begin, Jim feels nervous. His nervous device reacts come this feeling and sends signal to his heart resulting in hisrespiratoryrate to increase. As soon as his heart and respiratory price increases, the breaths faster and sweats to preserve contant temperature. 2. Why is the sympathetic department of the autonomic nervous system active just before the race?Jim is under great pressure stress and anxiety right before the race, because he hopes to lug his A game. This stress renders his autonomic nervous system an ext active.3. What alters do friend think are emerging in the digestive and urinary system at this time? as soon as Jim"s anxiety level rises his digstive device feedback starts to occur. Transforms in Jim"s urinary device are occuring as result of him sweating. Since Jim body is stressed due to the fact that of the race, his Kidney space working harder. Kidney play a major role in the urinary mechanism which manage alot of her body attributes such as electrolytes, water, and also acid-base balances in the body. 4. What is happening to Jim"s blood glucose levels just before the race? because Jim has actually been continually sweating, this reasons dehydration at the start of the race. Jim has been sweat perfusley which resulted in his glucose level to drop. 5. Why is Jim"s mouth dry? at the start of the race Jim has all different changes happening come his body, among these transforms was his mouth being dry. The factor Jim"uscles are making.s mouth wasexcessivelydry was since his outstanding glands have actually started to slow-moving down its manufacturing of saliva in the mouth, at part points no secreting any kind of slivia in ~ all. One Minute In: 1. Rowing full speed is putting new demands ~ above Jim"s body. What room these new demands and also how walk the body respond to them? currently that Jim is at complete speed he has put new demands ~ above his human body which cause his heart price to run from 65bmp come 201bmp and his temperatue has also rose come 99.5 yet after two minutes that intense activity his heart rate is now at 180 and also his temperature is in ~ 100. Jims body has slowed down and also was providing 80% body initiative while ignoring the pain. 2. What changes in Jim"s muscles promote unloading the O2 from hemoglobin for use by the muscles cells? once Jim"s muscels and also cells room feeling the burning sensation this is caused by the O2 native hemoglobin when these cells room being supplied excessivly. He provided up his hemoglobin by vigorously rowing the boat up come its maximum speed. This causes the the muscle to use his oxygen in ~ the cells so the body could maintain homeostasis. 3. Why do Jim"s muscles feel prefer they room burning? The reason that Jim"s muscles room feeling the burn sensation is beacuse they space experiecing sensory info. Indigenous his nervous system. This feeling is because of the increase of task and fatigue occuring due to the fact that he end exerted his body. Likewise his body has been utilizing his glycogen in ~ the cells which make lactic mountain which reasons the burn jim is experiencing. 4. What problem is produced between Jim"s need to keep his body cool and also his must remove nitrogenous wastes indigenous his blood? What did the do prior to the race to help alleviate this conflict? The conflict in between keeping his body cool and also his have to remove nitrogenous wastes is hydration vs. Dehydation. Jim make the efforts to do the dispute easier prior to the race when he made sure he to be well hydrated and also stayed calm and also relaxed which help to save his heart rate and also respitory price low. In ~ the fifty percent Way Mark: 1. Due to the fact that the end of the first minute, Jim has diminished the requirements his making. How has he done this? and why has actually he excellent this? Jim has diminished demands on his body, this could additionally be referred to as the figh or flight response. His brain has slowed down with less production of adrenaline and also he is using much less energy. His heart price decreases and also so go his respitory rate. Jim has adjusted his thoughts and is foced much more on the pain that is occuring in his body. He to know he need to do this due to the fact that his body is currently responding an ext to the effect of over functioning his body. 2. What room the transforms in his conditions as a result? In the respiratory and cardiovascular equipment wiith the physical tasks he has been participating in, make his hear and also lungs to work even harder 보다 normal. His mind has sent out messages come his longs to breath faster and also his love to to win faster. The increased quantities of blood it s okay pumped come the muscles which carrys oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. The body works together to store the body from pushing to break limits. Homeostasis is maintained by an unfavorable feedback to assist get Jim"s body back to common state. At the finish Line: 1. Jim has actually stopped rowing and also his muscle are currently at rest. Why are his heart and also breathing prices still therefore high? once Jim moved his human body to execute alot that work, the was simply returning to typical state in ~ the end up line. His breathing was still high due to the fact that he was still in the recovery duration for his body.Oxygen to be still necessary to accomplish the love rate. 2. Why is that sweating much more now than during the race? Jim is now sweating an ext because that his high body heart and also his body must sweat to cool so his body will return to normal state. 3. What transforms have arisen to his blood chemistry since the begin of the race? due to the fact that Jim"s muscles have actually been working difficult there has been rise of blood flow to them. The task has brought about an palliation in the lot of blood glucose as its transforming over come energy. The carbon dioxide level will increase due to the fact that of the manufacturing of glucose. Earlier at the Dock: 1. What alters have emerged in the critical ten minute to enable Jim"s heart and also respiratory rates to come down? The factor his heart and also respitory rate has actually came under is since of the hopeful feedback loop. This loop helps to return the human body to initial state which reason his prices to decrease. 2. Why is Jim 4 pounds lighter than at the start of the race? The factor Jim is lighter now is since of dehydration. He had rehydrated himself prior to the race and also during the race jims body had countless different chemical reactions within his body. Due to the fact that he had actually water in his human body he sweated more of the water out in his sweat which reason weight loss. 3.What effect has this water loss had actually on his endocrine system? Jim has lost water which led to a lose of salt which resulted in jim being dehyrated. 4.

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Why did Jim just take sips the water after the race? what might happen if the drank as lot as he wanted to? because Jim to be dehyrated ~ the gyeongju he might only drink water to assist restore the electrolytes right into his cells, if he would have not taken small by tiny he could have muscle cramping. Additionally the small sips permitted his human body to readjust to his body"s state that dehydration.