While it’s hard to imagine anyone various other than Taylor Lautner depicting Jacob black in the Twilight movies, the gibbs was virtually replaced after ~ the very very first film. If the producers didn’t have concerns with his exhilaration chops, they were concerned about Lautner’s size. As Jacob experience a pretty intense physical change in New Moon (thanks to his newfound werewolf status) Lautner to be tasked through going through a significant physical transformation of his own.

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Taylor Lautner | Greg Doherty/WireImage

Taylor Lautner was virtually replaced after the very first ‘Twilight’ movie

Prior to filming New Moon, there were plenty the rumors that Lautner to be in danger of being replaced in the Twilight Saga by an enlarge and more muscular actor. But, fairly than lose out ~ above the role, Lautner committed himself to an extreme diet and also exercise program to load on the pounds. Not just did Lautner have to work out with a an individual trainer five times a week, yet he likewise had come make sure that he to be eating every two hrs in order to obtain weight. Lautner also recalled having actually to carry approximately burger patties in a Ziploc bag come eat in a pinch as soon as he was in between meetings.

Kristen Stewart discover she knew Lautner to be the right person to portray Jacob black color

But also though other actors to be being taken into consideration for Jacob Black, Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan in the Twilight movies, believed that all the speak was blown the end of proportion. In an interview v Collider, she offered some understanding into the situation. “I think that controversy has probably been choose made bigger 보다 it was,” Stewart shared. “We needed to be sure that whoever play Jacob was going to be Jacob in New Moon. He’s together a different person. He becomes a man. There’s an entire . That not just a physics transformation. He yes, really becomes an adult.”

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Stewart ongoing on to include that if the studio and the producers may have actually been considering various other actors, she always knew Lautner to be up for the challenges that the role required. “I average I constantly knew that Taylor can do that yet we simply needed to do sure because it to be so important,” the Twilight star shared. “So once he actually verified himself i beg your pardon wasn’t hard to do, also seeing the walk about on set was like a various experience. He is literally become a various person. He’s simply grown up. He’s so confident and the nicest male that I’ve ever before met. I understand that I’m making use of this grammatically incorrect however he’s the funnest man I’ve ever hung the end with. So he’s great. Ns so proud that him.”

How much weight walk Lautner gain to keep his role in ‘New Moon’

But precisely how lot weight did Lautner have to put on in order for him to keep his role? according to one of the trailers because that New Moon, Lautner bulked up by a chuck 30 pounds. “New Moon is a lot of more complicated than Twilight was,” Lautner common in an official trailer for the film. “Bella is in together a deep depression as soon as Edward leaves and Jacob is the friend the will always be there because that her.Jacob has readjusted in countless different ways; the physicality he’s a lot of bigger, 30 pounds bigger.” Clearly, Lautner to be willing to do what it take it to keep his clues in the Twilight cast. We’re certain fans can’t imagine the movies without him.