Everything you ever wanted to know around octagonal prisms. Even if it is you’re a student learning around polyhedrons because that the an initial time, or a parent who demands a recap, by the time you acquire to the finish of this webpage, you’ll it is in an expert.

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Examples that Octagonal Prisms

Octagonal Prism file Model and also Net

Below is a cost-free printable octagonal prism net. Please open up the pdf document by clicking on the image below. Climate you will be able to download the document in your browser. (If you room unable to watch the PDF, you might need an updated variation of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

1. Print the theme on part sturdy building and construction paper.
3. Wrinkles the pieces of the prism so that the octagon caps are facing. Ice cream the flaps under the encounters with scotch tape. When all the flaps room taped, your octagonal prism file model is complete.

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Octagonal Prism surface Area Formulas


Octagonal Prism surface Area Formula: 8al+ 4adWhere:a = the length of an octagon edgel = the length of the octagonal prismd = the width of one octagon face

Notice that the first and second formulas room actually the same, since:

R =al


Instead that 8R +2B, us get: 8(al) + 2(2ad) which is equal to the 2nd formula: 8al+ 4ad

Octagonal Prism Volume Formulas


Octagonal Prism Volume Formula: Volume =BlWhere:B = the Area of an Octagon Facel = the length of the octagonal prism

Octagonal Prism Volume Formula: Volume =2adlWhere:a = the size of an octagon edgel = the size of the octagonal prismd = the broad of an octagon face

Notice the the first and second formulas space actually the same, since:


Instead that Bl, us get: (2ad)l i beg your pardon is equal to the second formula: 2adl

Vertices, Faces, and Edges

An octagonal prism has actually 16 vertices, 10 faces, and also 24 edges.

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