ON THE hit Disney Channel TV display The Suite Life that Zack and also Cody, Sophie Oda dram Barbara Brownstein, the overachieving girl friend of Cody martin (Cole Sprouse), one fifty percent of the pair who are the main characters. Turn off camera, the san Ramon Valley native lives the life that a common 17-year-old—juggling school, friends, and, uh, shopping.

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How did you obtain the function on Suite Life the Zack and Cody?

I originally had auditioned because that the function of Lily top top Hannah Montana. I didn’t get the part, however Disney favored me and also invited me come audition together Barbara on The Suite Life of Zack and also Cody. Ns was slated to show up in one episode, yet the producers chosen the competition between Barbara and also Cody, and invited me back as a recurring character.

Disney recently premiered The Suite Life on Deck. What deserve to you tell us around this new spin-off?

It’s set on a cruise ship, through Zack and also Cody attending a high school–at-sea program. I simply returned native filming an illustration of the show, and also the spin-off is much much more wacky and crazy.

Your Suite Life character is a bit of a brainiac. Execute you additionally believe that college rules?


School is important, however I have other interests. Ns was attending classes in ~ Monte Vista High in Danville prior to taking the high college proficiency test last year, and also now i’m a sophomore in ~ Diablo valley College. Ns hope to carry to UCLA following year together a musical theater major.

How execute you juggle her life together an east Bay teen with gift an actress?

It’s nice living in the east Bay because I’m not well-known as lot as i am in Los Angeles. I prefer shopping at Sunvalley and also Stoneridge, skating at the gold Skate, and also enjoying my grandma’s home-cooked Japanese dinners. I went with some friends come the Monte Vista junior prom, and I hope to go to the an elderly ball this year as well.

What’s next in her career?

I hope to keep appearing on Suite Life, and I’m likewise auditioning because that a new musical/drama/comedy present for FOX. Ns love how movies prefer Dreamgirls and also High school Musical space generating a renewed interest in musical theater. My dream is to perform in a big-screen musical.

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