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Another site recommendations a commercial offering from the Vermont nation Store,

a blend of sweet plum compote and also rich dark chocolate, developed into a truffle-like chocolate-coated candy that will have actually you dancing all night long. Make by hand, 8 individually covering sugarplums come in an 8 oz. Box.

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While this confections look delicious enough, the opportunity that the motivation for the “sugar plum” appellation in this case has more to execute with sales than Santa provides this authenticity of this sweets suspect.

There are, in fact, a huge number of disparate candy products that have hitched their wagons come the street plum star.

For the record, I’m betting that the poet didn’t have sugar plum soda together his version for to dance visions, however that would certainly be a nifty product placement.

Homemade Contenders

Recipes because that sugar plums, albeit without illustrations in many instances, are easy enough to find. Jenny Yu, because that example, articles a recipe for Sugar Plums from Saveur the calls for dates and apricots however not plums. The final step is rojo the concoction into balls, coating them v sugar, and, finally, refrigerating them. Reader Digest published a recipe for “this classic Christmas sweet” with and ingredient list that consists of figs yet not plums. This recipe additionally produces balls that room refrigerated.

What did They Grow and also Eat in ~ Locust Grove

It’s tart and tangy with a flavor really reminiscent that cherries. An extremely refreshing in a season of deep coco flavors and sparky mints.

My street Plum looks favor a fruit version of a rum ball: a hand developed ball comprised of minced fruit, perhaps bits that orange peel, and specks that walnuts… a sticky mass that’s coated in sparkly street to do it much less eventful on mine fingers.

Sugar Plum Fairies run Too

Many yet not every sites maintain that the incentive for Tchaikovsky’s street Plum Fairy in his 1892 ballet, The Nutcracker, was sweet plums v a glistening sugar coating, stated to be a common treat in his era. Dissenting sites many often define his referenced sugar plum as a small, ovoid liquid made from sugar.

Mr. Tchaikovsky’s sugar Plum Fairy has also generated innumerable spin-offs, including the Sugar-Plum Fairy Wedding Dress.

The long Shots

One shouldn’t forget the there is a street Plum the is – well, a plum, notable for being the only plum through a non-bitter skin.

And much more than one attractive flower has been designated the street Plum. The specimen shown listed below is Buddleja cultivar.

Neither the sugar Plum plum or the sugar Plum flower shows up to it is in the factory specimen Eugene Field explains in his poem, The Sugar-Plum Tree, one excerpt of i m sorry follows:

It blooms top top the coast of the Lollypop SeaIn the garden the Shut-Eye Town;The fruit the it bears is so wondrously sweet(As those who have actually tasted the say)That good little children have only to eatOf the fruit to it is in happy following day.

Historical Texts

The most convincing historic takes on sugar plums come from 2 altogether exceptional sites:

(1) The historical Cookery web page by Sharon Cohen, which introduce its content, the “detailed instructions because that preparing sugarplums, the quintessential Christmas sweet” – based on 16th century approaches – through this paragraph:

The dictionary defines a sugarplum together a tiny round or oval piece of sugary candy. English gift the flexible language that is, the name might have come indigenous the resemblance to a little plum. Or it can have come native actual plums maintained in sugar, a relatively new idea in 16th Century England. Before this time sugar to be so expensive that it to be used really sparingly, lot as we would usage a spice today. In the 1540’s, however, sugar started being polished in London which lower the price considerably, although just well-off family members were maybe to use it lavishly. Preserving with sugar enabled the sweet fruit of summer come be delighted in all year round, especially during the vacation season,

and (2) Food Timeline – Christmas foods, i beg your pardon explains

Sugarplums belong come the comfit family, a confection traditionally written of small sugar-coated seeds. The Oxford English Dictionary specifies the indigenous sugarplum thusly: “A tiny round or oval sweetmeat, make of boiled sugared and variously flavoured and coloured; a comfit.” The earliest mention of this details food is 1668. … according to the food historians, words plum in victor times described raisins or dried currants, no plums as we americans think of castle today. …

“Sugarplums to be an early form of boiled sweet. No actually made from plums…they were nevertheless approximately the size and also shape the plums, and often had small wire stalks’ because that suspending castle from. They came in one assortment that colours and also flavours, and frequently, choose comfits, had actually an aniseed, caraway seed, etc. At their centre. The term was in vogue indigenous the ten to the nineteenth century … .”—An A-Z of Food & Drink, man Ayto 2002 (p. 329)

Which leads to the question, what space comfits?

“Comfit, an archaic English indigenous for things of confectionery consists of a seed, or seed coated in number of layers of sugar…In England these small, tough sugar sweets were regularly made through caraway seeds, well-known for sweetening the breath (hence kissing confits). As much as a dozen coats of syrup to be needed before the seed were satisfactorily encrusted. Comfits were consumed a sweets, and likewise used in various other sweet dishes; for example seed cake was made with caraway comfits fairly than loose caraway seeds as in the 19th century. Confectioners as early as the 17th century known by differing the proportions of sugar in the syrup castle could readjust the final texture, make pearled comfits or crisp and ragged comfits. The word comfit continued to be in use in English up until the 20th century: Alice, the Alice in Wonderland, has actually a box of comfits in her pocket.”—Oxford Companion to Food, Alan Davidson 1999 (p. 208)

So, the author of the line “visions the sugar-plums danced in your heads” probably had in mind sugar-plums that looked favor this:

Historic Food has actually a well shown explanation of the process of comfit manufacturing as it was achieved during and prior to the at an early stage 1800s. That site likewise notes the the etching by Christoph Weigel (From One hundreds Fools, c.1700) pictured listed below depicts “a confectionery booth through a rich display of comfits, sweetmeats, biscuits and jumbals … small boy with his conical bag of sugar plums.”


Published 1911



My an individual conclusion (and among the main perks of gift a blogger is shown up in the practiced principle, My Blog, my Conclusion) is that, say thanks to goodness, the scientific research of candy-making has developed considerably due to the fact that the early 1800s.

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The main Heck the a male position is that, in 2007, anyone envisioning street plums is no much more obligated to use the same sweets that Moore had in mind than a modern symphony is obligated to use period instruments and also practices to perform works by timeless masters such together Bach.