I finally discovered Stitch! earth of The Sand!(EDIT: The original video was removed however you can see a Hindu dub herewww.dailymotion.com/video/x3db…)

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I was subscribed to this people youtube channel and she uploaded it. Regrettably it is the german dub instead of the english dub.SPOILER ALERT! (scroll under pass this i to the next paragraph come avoid) mine thoughts: It was pretty good. It seemed choose a little of a rehash the the episode with Dark end minus Delia. The collection probably could have finished with Dark End yet I"m not complaining about an ext Stitch! ns was suspiciously as soon as i noticed Stitch and also Pleakley to be the just ones leaving planet to go to the Sand Planet. Ns felt therefore sad because that Yuna here due to the fact that I related to how she felt. Tigerlily in reality comforted Yuna a little which surprised me given her monitor record. Angel was also an extremely sweet come Stitch below too. Ns was glad to watch Angel was without doubt in the episode. The looked favor Hamsterviel was claimed to have captured all the experiments but only a couple of get display time as if over there were just 4 the them over there which to be a tad disappointing. All and all a kind episode.In other news, among my friends moms" is yes, really sick. It put a large downer on mine day.
please pray because that them! i am likewise making slow development on my film. I still need to cast the male characters and my friend"s household emergency can slow it down also more. View here and share everywhere:cripvideoproductions.tumblr.co…Thank you!
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Creator that Tono and also Stitch dies

Aug 3, 2021
I just read in the news that part evil nut project shot increase a FEDEX and also was also on Brony facebook pages. Just as I said with the violent hazards against big Jim, This is completely UNACCEPTABLE! i don’t care what the reasons are, you execute NOT threaten rather or harm or kill others! This is no what Bronies are about. I want my followers to know that I constantly call out any kind of fandom because that inexcusable behavior whether it be the Lilo & Stitch fandom, the My tiny Pony fandom or noþeles else. I observed disgusting actions in the Stitch fandom after “Stitch! Anime” and “Stitch & Ai” was released and I’m therefore disappointed and also ashamed the the exact same kind of human being followed MLP. My message to the violent haters is: gain OUT the THE BRONY FANDOM!

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Aloha This is Stitchthebest36, team leader from save Lilo and Stitch. Upgrade on the Facebook group as promised! https://saveliloandstitch.tumblr.com/post/634194806703292417/ohana-shout-out-is-now-a-facebook-group native Wayne: After careful consideration we have made decision to move the Ohana Shout the end to on facebook Groups. Factoring in the time it would take to update the Ohana Shout out to meet contemporary browser protection standards, and also the time it would take to update the database code that broke with the server upgrade, the was finest to relocate to facebook Groups, a more secure and also feature affluent service. That is also our hope that by relocating to on facebook Groups, the Ohana scream Out neighborhood will proceed to grow. We evaluate the support for 14 years, and hope friend will sign up with us in ~ our new platform. Mahalo! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ohanashoutout/