Your petrol-poweredengine requires a mixture of petrol and also engine oil. The quality ofthe petrol andoil is extremely essential to the running and also life of the engine.Unsuitable fuels or mix ratios that perform not comply through the specification have the right to seriously damage the engine (piston seizing, too much wear.)

We recommend the complying with mix ratios:

for 1 : 50 two-stroke engine oil: 1 : 50 => 1 component oil + 50 components petrol

For other high-quality two-stroke engine oil v the TC classification: 1 : 25 => 1 component oil + 25 parts petrol

Mixing ratios

For a mixing proportion of 1 : 50 you require 5 litres the petrol and 0.10 litres (100cm³) that two-stroke oil.

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Petrol quantity two-stroke oil 1:50 various other brand surname two-stroke engine oils 1:25 Litres Litres cm³Litrescm³
1 0.02 (20)(40)0.04
5 0.10 (100)(200)0.20
10 0.20 (200)(400)0.40
15 0.30 (300)(600)0.60
20 0.40 (400)(800)0.80
25 0.50 (500)(1000)1.00

Always usage high-quality petrol with a minimum octane variety of 90 RON (we recommend using unleaded to defend your health and also the environment).


Please keep in mind that devices fitted v a catalytic converter should run top top unleaded petrol, as otherwise the effectiveness of the catalyst may be significantly impaired or the catalytic converter in your maker may in reality be damaged.


Always use high quality two-stroke engine oil following the TC classification. It is finest to usage two-stroke engine oil i beg your pardon is especially formulated for engines and helps to prolong engine life.


The engine, gaskets, fuel lines and fuel tank may be damaged if negative quality engine oil is used.

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To mix the fuel, first pour the engine oil and also then the petrol into a perfect can authorized for use with fuel. Prior to pouring this mix into the fuel tank, first mix it completely by shiver the can. Take care when opening the have the right to as pressure may have built up inside.