Statistically speaking, everyone gets in much more than one accident in their lifetime. Together a teen, your opportunity of having actually an accident is better than anyone else. Ages 15-19 are likewise three times as most likely to be in a crash than motorists 20 and older. Crash-prevention tips deserve to literally conserve your life.

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Here room a few simple points you can do to save yourself safe on the road.

1. Revolve on her headlights

Night and day, headlights have the right to alert drivers to her location.

Night and also day, headlights deserve to alert drivers to your location.

Even as soon as you deserve to see fine, various other traffic might not have the ability to see friend in some situations. Leaving your headlights on during the day provides it easy for others to see you and also possibly protect against an accident knowing where you are. This is an easy safety pointer to follow, especially if you have actually automatic lights the you don’t have to concern about turning on and off.

2. Use your horn

It may be a little intimidating at first. Honking frequently sounds angry, and also if that’s no what you’re walk for, you might be reluctant to execute so.

However, your horn is another useful tool to allow cars know where girlfriend are. If a auto starts come drift into your lane, a couple of quick honks will certainly alert castle to wherein you are.

To be safe, don’t lay top top the horn for much more than 2 seconds. Angry honking can lead to roadway rage, and also sometimes confrontations from other drivers.

3. Keep your cool

On that exact same note, keeping your own head will help you make much better driving decisions. Human being drive much more aggressively as soon as they space angry, and also usually the leads come impulsive and also unsafe maneuvers.

Let the various other driver lose their head. If you make angry gestures or lay on her horn, that will just escalate one unsafe steering situation.

4. Always have your phone through you

While phones can be distracting if offered while driving, having actually your phone v you while driving might save your life.

While phones have the right to be distracting if supplied while driving, having actually your phone through you while driving might save your life.

Though you do not do it be spring at her phone top top the road, her phone is additionally a life-saving device. Map applications can assist you obtain to safety if you room in an unfamiliar area. In one emergency, friend can speak to 9-1-1 or someone you trust to assist you as quickly as possible. Weather alerts can let you understand if you in hazard of overwhelming zones, a tornado, or other natural threats.

Be sure to use Bluetooth and also hands-free applications when driving. Yet keeping linked can keep you the end of a danger situation.

5. Slow down

You’ve heard it a million times. But this isn’t just due to the fact that driving quick is dangerous. It’s additionally because it’s hard to avoid or maneuver about a dangerous situation on the road. Think about in-town driving. The speed limit is 45 yet the guy in front of you is just going 40. Even though the speed limit is 45, slow down come allow room between your vehicles until you deserve to safely happen them. If friend don’t, the person can brake suddenly, leaving tiny to no reaction time because that you to hit your brakes as well.

6. Start slow

When you start to move at an intersection, don’t beat the gas. Instead, watch the cars around the intersection come make sure no one rather is coming your method illegally. Beginning slowly also permits you much more time come spot pedestrians and also bicyclists together well.

7. Watch the sides of the road

Similarly, looking out for people, animals, or debris in the roadway can assist you stop an accident. Seeing this obstacles ahead of time offers you much more reaction time to slow-moving down.

8. Never assume what a driver will do

People regularly leave their blinkers on unintentionally, signaling a lane adjust that will never ever happen. Countless also readjust their minds in ~ the last second. The ideal thing to carry out is come wait and also let that human being make a move prior to pulling onto the road or make the efforts to pass them.

9. Stay in the center lane

The center lane is frequently the safest choice when travel on a freeway.

The middle lane is frequently the safest selection when traveling on a freeway.

If she on a freeway, the middle lane is commonly the safest. The quick lane deserve to be dangerous due to the fact that people use it to happen others. The appropriate lane is often dangerous since of people merging and exiting the roadway. If girlfriend don’t should pass or exit the freeway, simply stay put in the middle.

10. Constant care and maintenance

You don’t need to be a mechanic to keep up with consistent maintenance.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to keep up with constant maintenance.

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While you might not think around this if she parents aid you take care of your car, it’s crucial to know how to preserve it because that the future. Keeping your tires inflated correctly, doing continuous oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks can all protect against disaster later on down the road (pun intended). Take the time to care for your vehicle – you’ll wish you had if you uncover yourself grounding on the side of the roadway with a level tire.