The number 162 has actually only 2 prime factors, 2 and 3. The square root of 162 will be a number who product through itself outcomes in 162. The square root of 162 have the right to be positive and negative. Currently we will uncover the square source of 162 using various methods and also will likewise look at a couple of interesting facts and problems.

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Square source of 162: 12.7279Square that 162: 26244
1.What Is the Square source of 162?
2.Is Square source of 162 rational or Irrational?
3.How to find the Square root of 162?
4.FAQs top top Square root of 162
5.Important note on Square source of 162

What Is the Square root of 162?

The square source of 162 can be written as √162 and (162)1/2The square root of 162 is √162 = 12.7279

Is Square source of 162 reasonable or Irrational?

The square root of 162 is a non-terminating and non-repeating number.Hence, the square root of 162 is an irrational number together it can not be to express in the form of p/q whereby q ≠ 0.

How to find the Square root of 162?

Now we will certainly calculate the square root of 162 using the complying with methods:

Prime factorization MethodLong division Method

Square source of 162 using Prime administrate Method

The prime components of 162 in pairs: 2 × (3 × 3) × (3 × 3)Now, the square root of 162: √162 = √ (2 × (3 × 3)2)So, the square root of 162 = (3 × 3) × √2 = 9√2

Square root of 162 By lengthy Division

We will certainly now discover the square root of 162 through the long department method with the assist of the steps provided below.

Start group the number from the unit’s ar in bag of two by putting a bar on optimal of them. We gain two bag in this instance (1 and62).Find a number(n) which as soon as multiplied v itself n × n ≤ 1. So, n will certainly be 1 together 1 × 1 = 1.Bring under the pair the 62. So, our new dividend is 62. Now discover a number(m) such the 2m × m ≤ 62. The number m will be 2 together 22 × 2 = 44 ≤ 62.Add a decimal in the dividend and also quotient component simultaneously. Also, include 3 pairs of zero in the dividend part.Repeat the above step for all the bag of zero.

So, we acquire the square root of √162 = 12.727 by the long department method.


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Important Notes:

The number 162 is no a perfect square.The square source of 162 is one irrational number.The square source of -162 is an imaginary number.

Example 2:Find the square source of 162 using the recurring subtraction method?


First, uncover two consecutive perfect squares in between which the number 162 will certainly lie. The two perfect squares room 144 (122) and 169 (132).

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Therefore, the entirety number component of the square root of 162 will certainly be 12.

Now, for the decimal part, we will use the below-mentioned formula:

(Given number -Smaller perfect square) / (Greater perfect square -smaller perfect square)