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We cg-tower.com courage for the craziest and wildest adventures with friends. Indeed, v friends approximately we feeling invincible. In every circle of friends, there’s a strong bond formed by an emotionally connection. Love, joy, pain, and also sorrow, close friends share the all. There never really is a mystery in friendship and love. Once a close-knit relationship develops in between you and a friend, you often tend to hang out v that friend more often 보다 with other members in your group.

While friend sure perform love your group of friends, it’s that special friend the gets your undivided attention all the time. Gradually, feeling start occurring towards that friend and also before you know it cupid strikes. Once friends end up being lovers the equation can adjust dramatically. And yes, rock songs resurrect emotions come a whole new level.

The list listed below showcases a varied collection of rock songs about friends and lovers. If you have a view, opinion, or tune suggestion, permit us understand in the comment section.

Top 10 ideal Rock Songs about Friends and also Lovers

“More than Words”—Extreme“When friend Love a Woman”—Journey“Have You ever Really loved a Woman”—Bryan Adams“Can’t fight This Feeling”—REO Speedwagon“I’ll be There because that You”—The Rembrandts“Waiting because that a Girl like You”—Foreigner“Chasing Cars”—Snow Patrol“Nothing’s Gonna protect against Us Now”—Starship“I mental You”—Skid Row“Love Hurts”—Nazareth

Sentiments around Friendship In absent Songs

While songs about friendship and love have been written by singers and also songwriters in various genres the music, the emotion of hear to rock songs around friends and lovers is truly magical, especially when you have rock songs playing. Soft ballads the narrate a lyrical story about feelings because that a friend or a lover take you down memory lane.

A variety of rock songs linked with relationship that address a girlfriend or lover, to win an emotional affix with listeners. Feeling of tenderness, nostalgia, or sadness space expressed in one emotively confessional manner countless rock songs. In ballads, text blend poetically v soulful strains the acoustic music to produce a dreamlike imagery because that listeners.


11. “The Scientist”—Coldplay

12. “Can us Still be Friends”—Todd Rundgren

13. “Is This Love”—Whitesnake

14. “The search Is Over”—Survivor

15. “Love of my Life”—Queen

16. “I will certainly Wait”—Mumford and also Sons

17. “Accidently In Love”—Counting Crows

18. “Every Rose has actually It’s Thorn”—Poison

19. “I Don’t Wanna Let you Go”—Weezer


Rock Ballads about Friends and also Lovers

Typically in absent ballads about friends and lovers, the text pertain to think or memory of the protagonist reminiscing end past occasions of personal life. A variety of rock love song aesthetically explain moments the a past relationship either through a girlfriend or lover, and also the situations leading them come drift away.

When loyalties readjust in friendship, sometimes, there have the right to be a rift in between friends, and also such situations are poetically described in many ballads. While certain songs showcase the maturity individuals display to understand perspectives in a relationship, many songs portray the state of mind once feelings in the direction of someone are not expressed.


21. “Head end Feet”—Alanis Morissette

22. “Your Guardian Angel”—The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

23. “I Don’t desire To miss A Thing”—Aerosmith

24. “Like a Friend”—Pulp

25. “Something to speak About”—Bonnie Raitt

26. “Don’t allow Me Down”—The Beatles

27. “Every small Thing She does Is Magic”—The Police

28. “Layla”—Eric Clapton

29. “Wild Horses”—The roll Stones

30. “Still got the Blues because that You”—Gary Moore

31. “You and Me”—Alice Cooper

32. “Right right here Waiting”—Richard Marx

33. “Iris”—Goo Goo Dolls

34. “All mine Friends”—LCD Soundsystem

35. “Dear God”—Avenged Sevenfold

36. “Have ns Told friend Lately”—Van Morrison

37. “I want to recognize What Love Is”—Foreigner

38. “First Time”—Lifehouse

39. “That thing You Do”—The Wonders

40. “Heroes”—David Bowie

Rock Songs about Unrequited Love

A number of rock songs about friends and lovers touch upon varied sentiments associated with unrequited love. Text in certain songs carry forth a sympathetic aspect questioning the listener’s perspective. Songs the express deep feelings about an ex girl friend or ex boyfriend regularly hit the best notes with listeners.

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Thoughts around failed relationships and breakups have actually been expressed beautifully in absent songs from various genres. In particular songs the different elements of unrequited love phone call a sympathetic story through poetic references. Tragic aspects expressed in songs around love and also breakups attach well with listeners. The events narrated v lyrics in numerous rock songs stem from an individual experiences that singers and also songwriters.


41. “Creep”—Radiohead

42. “No matter What”—Papa Roach

43. “The Reason”—Hoobastank

44. “I Love mine Friends”—Foster the People

45. “The Crown that Love”—Arcade Fire

46. “Angel”—Aerosmith

47. “Sorry”—Buckcherry

48. “With A small Help from mine Friends”—Joe Cocker

49. “I’ll was standing By You”—The Pretenders

50. “You’re My best Friend”—Queen

51. “Far Away”—Nickelback

52. “Shiver”—Coldplay

53. “Fell In Love v a Girl”—The White Stripes

54. “It’s a Heartache”—Bonnie Tyler

55. “Take end the World”—Courtneers

56. “I Live mine Life because that You”—Firehouse

57. “Wonderwall”—Oasis

58. “Here without You”—3 Doors Down

59. “You’ve got the Love”—Florence and the Machine

60. “Shining Light”—Ash



61. “For Lovers”—Wolfman feat Pete Doherty

62. “Lover friend Should’ve Come Over—Jeff Buckley

63. “In mine Life”—The Beatles

64. “Thunder Clatter”—Wild Cub

65. “Hearts Burst right into Fire”—Bullet for My Valentine

66. “The book of Love”—The Magnetic Fields

67. “So much Away”—Avenged Sevenfold

68. “Yellow”—Coldplay

69. “There is a light That never ever Goes Out”—The Smiths

70. “Valerie”—The Zutons

71. “Bones of You”—Elbow

72. “Love Is top top the Way”—Saigon Kick

73. “With Or there is no You”—U2

74. “Only Love”—Ben Howard

75. “Love the end of Lust”—Lykke Li

76. “Anytime”—McAuley Schenker Group

77. “You’re the Inspiration”—Chicago

78. “Stay Together”—Suede

79. “Bloom”—The document Kites

80. “House of Cards”—Radiohead


81. “Love Bites”—Def Leppard

82. “Sweet son O’ Mine”—Guns N’ Roses

83. “Maps”—Yeah yes Yeahs

84. “Nights in White Satin”—The Moody Blues

85. “All I desire Is You”—U2

86. “We’re walk to be Friends”—White Stripes

87. “Everlong”—Foo Fighters

88. “Sweet Disposition”—The holy place Trap

89. “Lady”—Styx

90. “Up whereby We Belong”—Joe Cocker

91. “Angel Eyes”—The Jeff Healey Band

92. “Thinking about You”—Puddle of Mudd

93. “Snuff”—Slipknot

94. “Love Will save Us Alive”—Eagles

95. “You execute Something come Me”—Paul Weller

96. “How good It Was”—Courteeners

97. “Toothpaste Kisses”—The Maccabees

99. “Love that a Lifetime”—Firehouse

100. “Crazy ~ above You”—Heart

Other significant Rock Songs around Friends and also Lovers

“I found You”—Alabama Shakes“Screaming Infidelities”—Dashboard Confessional“Falling Slowly”—Glen Hansard and also Marketa Irglova“Say Yes”—Elliot Smith“The Luckiest”—Ben Folds“Still loving You”—Scorpions“Eternal Flame”—The Bangles“Let her Go”—Passenger“You and Me”—Lifehouse“Baby ns Love your Way”—Peter Frampton“Awake”—Secondhand Serenade“First reduced is the Deepest”—Sheryl Crow“Alison”—Elvis Costello“I’ll it is in There because that You”—Bon Jovi“Revelry”—Kings the Leon“Home”—Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes“Never Tear united state Apart”—Inxs“Do you Realize”—The Flaming Lips“Goodbye my Lover”—James Blunt“Almost Paradise”—Mike Reno and Ann Wilson“Letter indigenous a Friend”—Blues Traveler“Better Together”—Jack Johnson“I’ll view You in my Dreams”—Giant“Friday, I’m In Love”—The Cure“Changes”—Black Sabbath
“Kiss Me”—Sixpence nobody The Richer“The Flame”—Cheap Trick“When I’m with You”—Sheriff“Save her Love”—Great White“When I view You Smile”—Bad English“My Friends over You”—New found Glory“Just take My Heart”—Mr. Big“What I have to Offer”—Eels“You and I”—Scorpions“Friends, lovers or Nothing”—John Mayer“The Apologist”—R.E.M.“Best I ever Had (Grey sky Morning)”—Vertical Horizon“For You”—Sharon valve Etten“She’s Gone”—Steelheart“Don’t know What you acquired (Til It’s Gone)”—Cinderella“Something”—The Beatles“Use Somebody”—Kings of Leon“Love Drunk”—Boys favor Girls“I will Follow You into The Dark”—Death Cab for Cutie“Tongue Tied”—Grouplove“First job of my Life”—Bright Eyes“Heaven in your Eyes”—Loverboy“More 보다 Words can Say (I need You Now)”—Alias“This Love”—Maroon 5“All through Myself”—Eric Carmen
“Baby Loves Me”—Eels“Love Is Here”—Starsailor“I Won’t host You Back”—Toto“Always”—Bon Jovi“Trying not To Love You”—Nickelback“Could have Been Me”—The Struts“Have You ever Needed who So Bad”—Def Leppard“We’ve obtained Tonight”—Bob Seger“Straight come You”—Nick Cave and the poor Seeds“I’m Yours”—Jason Marz“Baby Come Back”—Player“Wicked Game”—Chris Isaak“Heaven”—Warrant“Last to Know”—Three days Grace“Regret”—Fiona Apple“Don’t Speak”—No Doubt“Everything”—Lifehouse“All out Of Love”—Air Supply“My Understandings”—Of mouse & Men“Knife”—Rockwell“Can’t protect against This point We Started”—Bryan Adams“I Was only Joking”—Rod Stewart“When You’re Gone”—Avril Lavigne“How Deep Is friend Love”—Bee Gees“The Day i Met You”—Lillian Axe
“If You necessary Somebody”—Bad Company“Keep On loving You”—REO Speedwagon“Heaven”—Bryan Adams“Miles Away”—Winger“So far Away”—Dire Straits“Only”—Yellowcard“Go Your very own Way”—Fleetwood Mac“Love is a Battlefield”—Pat Benatar“That Kiss”—Courteeners“Carrie”—Europe“Never let Me Go”—Florence and the Machine“I’ll never ever Let friend Go”—Steelheart“Nothing compares 2 U”—Sinead O’ Connor“Time renders Two”—Robert Cray“Fall because that You”—Secondhand Serenade“Everytime You walk Away”—Paul Young“You provide Love a negative Name”—Bon Jovi“We used To be Friends”—The Dandy Warhols“Love Song”—Tesla“You’re The One”—The black Keys“The people That us Love”—Bush“In It for Love”—Richie Sambora“The only Exception”—Paramore“I will certainly Possess your Heart”—Death Cab for Cutie“The Love i Live For”—Hinder