S7 · E2 · Toil and Till

16 Sep 2014

SAMCRO solicits help from another Charter to obtain a messy project done.

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S7 · E3 · Playing v Monsters

23 Sep 2014

SAMCRO exploits an opportunity to secure crucial alliance.

S7 · E5 · part Strange Eruption

7 Oct 2014

Looking because that the resource of a treason leads come violence at... More

S7 · E6 · smoke 'em if You got 'em

14 Oct 2014

Jax settles a score through taking benefit of shifting alliances.

S7 · E7 · Greensleeves

21 Oct 2014

SAMCRO forges an i can not qualify partnership in order to undermine... More

S7 · E8 · The Separation that Crows

28 Oct 2014

With the search for a absent member in ~ a standstill, focus... More

S7 · E9 · What A piece Of occupational Is Man

4 Nov 2014

The club deals with heartache internally and conflict with... More

S7 · E11 · Suits that Woe

18 Nov 2014

The SOA company bears under on SAMCRO and also Jax comes face... More

S7 · E13 · Papa's Goods

9 Dec 2014

Ghosts loom large as Jax renders the last moves come fulfill... More

Soundtrack Album

We right now have no record of an main soundtrack album released for this season. Submit album.


S7 · E5 · some Strange Eruptionwhen jax put the fork in chinese men head what was the name of the SEASON 7 ep 5 more
S7 · E2 · Toil and also TillWhat is the surname of the rap song playing as soon as Jax and another gang killed the owner of the... More




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