I to be trying if my around 50W solar dashboard is okay, but I deserve to not gain the Amps reading.

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(Edit: ns made a short video clip showing the 0 amps and also my solar collection up https://youtu.be/kSG391DN8dg (it gives 12V in ~ the minute on he video))

It provides 20V, but shows 0 ~ above Amps reading.

I dod that precisely as on this video, but got no readings.


Any suggestions?

PS: I have 2 of these panels, and both mirrors the same!

PS2: ns am certain the multimeter set up is correct and also there is no wires failure.

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Hi, have the right to only indicate that you inspect your multimeter setup. Ensure that the meter is set for AMPS / DC and the range is collection for 10A. Inspect that the leads room in the "Common" terminal and also the 10A terminal. If you can read Voltage appropriately then there has to be current. What version multimeter perform you have?

Thank you Jayeff because that suggestion. In reality I think the is not in the multimeter collection up. I simply made a short video describing the collection up, I would certainly appreciate if you would have actually a look, perhaps you would uncover something.

Thank you!


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Hi . I think amp have the right to only examine when friend have noted load to dashboard without putting load on the ,it is not possible to creat amp.

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Hi Dalibor,

Looking at her video, (very an excellent by the way) ns think the the problem is that your Solar dashboard "controller" is probably doing what it has been designed come do. The probably has what is recognized as "short circuit output protection. That method that when there is a short circuit across the calculation it will shut under to protect the solar panel, the equipment that the is offering from further damage and itself.

A multimeter collection up come read existing (A) is efficiently a quick circuit, however when that is set up to review Voltage (V) it is a high resistance.

In the "How to check Solar Panels " video that girlfriend posted, there is no controller linked to the panel. Castle tested directly from the panel output itself. This is yes if you want to check the panel is capable of giving maximum current, if you think that it is faulty however it is not exactly how it works in genuine situations. You require to protect the panels and the tools that they are connected to. That is why there room controllers in between the panel and also the output.

Note: If your solar panel controller additionally has a regulated Voltage calculation (Voltage is never more than 12-13V DC) then the present supplied to the battery may depend top top the voltage the the battery has.e.g if the solar calculation is 12.3V and also the battery is 12V climate the battery is just being charged by 0.3V and the charging existing will it is in small.

First make sure that both solar panels are linked from +ve panel output result in +ve controller intake terminal and also -ve dashboard output result in -ve controller input terminal (as you probably have)

The way to test the output current that is charging her battery is as follows:

1. Measure the solar dashboard controller output Voltage - shot to obtain maximum voltage by angling the panels. It may be that you deserve to never get an ext than 12 -13V

2. Measure the battery voltage. - hope it is less than the solar panel controller output voltage.

3. If that is proceed.

4. Connect the -ve solar controller output lead to the -ve battery terminal.

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5. Affix the +ve solar controller output lead to one command of your multimeter. (the meter should be collection up to read Amps/DC selection 10A, the leader in common and also 10A terminal - together you did effectively in the video)

6. Affix the various other lead of your multimeter to the +ve terminal the the battery

Your meter is in collection with one calculation lead indigenous the solar controller i.e solar controller +ve calculation - meter in - meter out - battery +ve terminal.