On one of the loading display screens of Skyrim, I observed a horse and also it stated that they are beneficial for long distance transport in the Skyrim world. However, looking through the current huge city I remained in I was unable to find any kind of horses! do I need to catch them in the wild? did I miss out on something?


Look for the stables outside of the significant cities. You can buy lock there.

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You have the right to see wherein the stables are in relation to girlfriend (if over there are any type of nearby) by maintaining an eye out for the adhering to horseshoe symbol in her HUD compass:


They additionally show up v a comparable icon on your map:


And finally, here"s what the stables look like once you"re in intuitive range:


You can likewise steal equines (found at stables or in the wild), yet there"s a 50 gold bounty inserted on her head each time a security is made mindful of you mounting one. Steal horses additionally run away as soon as dismounted, when owned steeds stay whereby you leaving them.

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You have the right to take a steed from Whiterun Stormcloack Camp simply north of High Hrothgar, best under the mountain. Leaves when you dismount, comes back when you rapid travel.

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There is likewise the opportunity to gain a complimentary white horse named Frost (if friend succeed in ~ a Persuasion attempt) in ~ the completion of "Promises come Keep," a pursuit to retrieve ownership records for stated horse. Look for Louis Letrush in the Bee and also the Barb in Riften.

There"s a second opportunity because that a cost-free horse on Katla"s farm, south of Solitude. If you farm yard a bunch that leeks and also potatoes and also such for she to raise her disposition, she"ll let friend ride she horse(s) away, anytime girlfriend want.

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Where carry out you get Frost's quest?
Nov 13 "11 in ~ 1:54
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If you finish the quest The Cure for Madness from the Dark Brotherhood (Spoiler) you"ll get Shadowmere as a reward.

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