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Adjusting parking brake cable. Not the brakes. :frown2:Parking brake shoes space fine and adjusted up properly, cable is loose. Pedal goes to the floor easily and also pops ago weakly when release is pulled.There is no mediate on the cable anywhere as any type of other Chevy the I have owned. No adjuster ~ above cable. Can"t say ns have ever before needed to adjust parking park before. "dunno;So much I have uncovered tidbits of info concerning the parking brake pedal assembly having actually some type of auto adjusting ratchet device inside that it. Anyone know just how to make it adjust, because I can"t make mine work. Ns sprayed WD40 everywhere the pedal assy relocating parts and it move better, but no adjustment. It looks like it is actual pain to remove pedal assy.Help me out please. Give thanks to you guys!
Parking Brake Cable Adjuster Enabling
Hold the park brake pedal in the full upward position. Pull rearward top top the prior park brake cable till the tension is released from the device (1) mounted in the pedal assembly.Remove the tool (1).Slowly release the park brake cable till it return to its original position.Release the park brake pedal.Lower the vehicle.Apply and release the park brake pedal 3 times.
Ron Nielson2008 Silverado LT, CCLB2009 Arctic Fox 29-5T, silver- Fox Edition, Onan 3600 LPG generator
can this an approach be offered someway to put slack in the cable....I"m replacing the e bake assembly and also looking for a way to obtain some slack to remove the old and also install the brand-new assembly ~ above a 2007 classic Dually

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