So, there is the pretty right forward - girl resting with a boy who doesn't know if he's prepared - interpretation. However, years ago, I had actually read that the song was a an allegory for the music industry taking benefit of young bands. So, the girl would certainly be the music industry and also Brand brand-new is represented by the boy. Ns really preferred that interpretation, just wanted to watch what you all thought. It seems to fit as I had heard the exact same interpretation for an excellent To understand … and also I think they to be quoted as saying that many of the songs on the record weren't around what human being thought they to be about.

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As a gay male I constantly used come pretend it was around a covertly gay male who gets required into sex v a girl. I constantly knew it wasn’t yet still just how I envisioned it.

They talk around your translate here:

You’re thinking of Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis. According to Jason at Absolutepunk (he functioned for the band’s monitoring at the time) Jesse had actually told him Maradona was a metaphor for the music market abusing artists.

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I think both sic transit and me vs Maradona space both metaphors and both songs use sex/relationships for the metaphor

you are best I believe there space two definitions to this song. The literal definition is the guy who has actually thought about sex his entirety life is lastly ready because that it however the girl the meets is an extremely experienced and also has most likely slept with 30+ males the guy is realizing that he actually isn't all set for it and also he wished that would have waited for the right human being who he in reality loves.

"die young and save yourself" means basically that you will inevitably want to have actually sex yet instead you should die young before you even go through with it.. Of food this is metaphorical due to the fact that he isn't saying you actually death yourself

the metaphorical meaning is just like you said.. They dreamy of being absent stars their totality life however they room realizing the complexities of the music industry and that they room basically being offered for someone elses luck .. The parallels the the metaphorical and the literal definition are exceptional in this song since we obtain a literal story the conveys the feeling they space trying come portray metaphorically