Joining the curly crew no as easy as the seems. Store these in mind prior to heading to the shop for a perm!
It’s constantly best to begin with healthy hair. Credit: Hariono Halim

Let’s no sugarcoat things: Perming deserve to wreak destruction on your hair. Because your mane will certainly be exposed to high heat and also chemicals for a couple of hours, there’s a high opportunity your hair can obtain dry and also brittle. Consult your hairstylist first to know if her hair can handle a perm, especially if you have sensitive, thin, or damaged hair.

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For extremely Damaged Hair

Dove Keratin repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner

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Editor’s tip: Before you get a perm, fix damaged hair first. Use Dove Keratin repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner to bring your earlier to that healthy-looking state. It has keratin-infused capsules the go deep within her hair to nourish and also repair that from within. It pipeline your hair recovered and also resilient in simply one minute. 

How will I know if I need to delay getting a perm?

Say hello to bouncy and healthy locks when you use a nourishing shampoo and also conditioner. Credit: Hariono Halim

Your hair requirements to be healthy and balanced if you desire your curls to rotate out beautifully. Untreated hair tends to host a perm best. If her hair is color-treated, dry, or damaged, you can want come postpone her perm plans because that a month or 2 to let your locks recover.

For Damaged Hair

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Editor’s tip: A hair repair treatment like Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate fix & Shine treatment Crème can aid in her hair’s recovery. It replenishes the shed moisture in her hair and penetrates each strand come revive it from damage. 

Immediate After acquiring A Perm

Can i wash mine hair after gaining a perm?

Washing her hair instantly after getting a perm is a big no-no! Credit: Dennie Ramon

You can not wash your hair after obtaining a perm…at least, no for 2 to 3 days after leaving the salon. Your brand-new waves require ample time come set, and shampooing her hair prematurely have the right to wash away the treatment, making her hair relax faster.

Can I acquire other chemical treatments while or instantly after acquiring a perm?

Give your hair a break after perming. Credit: Hariono Halim

So, her hairstylist just finished perming your hair and also it watch amazing. Since you’re currently at the salon anyway, you might too have your hair colored to emphasize your new waves, right? WRONG. Coloring your hair before or after her perm will make your hair too damaged, bring about dry curls and brittle strands.

Here’s an additional scenario: you just had actually a perm but didn’t like just how your ringlets rotate out, so you ask your hairstylist if you can have her hair calm while you’re tho in the salon. That’s a significant no-no! contradictory to what the treatment’s surname suggests, be sure your newly permed hair will result in an extremely damaged strands. If you really can’t was standing your new curls, you have the right to shampoo your hair previously to to decrease the waves. Asking for a short, sleek haircut will work, too!

Styling and also Maintaining your Perm

What commodities should I use on my hair after acquiring a perm?

Command attention through impeccable curls. Credit: Hariono Halim

Permed hair needs special attention. The shampoo and also conditioner you’re right now using could not reduced it, as you need to look for commodities that can nourish and also moisturize her curls. Also, use assets that are suitable for salon-treated hair for this reason your consistent wash-and-care regime won’t damage or undo your permed hair.

Editor’s tip: use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo when washing your permed hair. It has actually KERA10 Protein complex that goes as much as 10 class deep and also helps repair internal damage caused by chemistry treatments. Use it consistently so her hair gets 10 salon benefits, including strengthening your hair and also keeping that soft and also smooth. For best results, usage this shampoo with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Serum Conditioner. 

How need to I format my permed hair?

Use hair mousse to layout your curly hair. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Curly hair provides off a carefree vibe, yet achieving the effortless look requires switching up your hairstyling techniques. Avoid blow dryers and hair irons, as these have the right to further damage your hair. Instead, tenderness scrunch her hair while that air dries to acquire soft waves.


Editor’s tip: usage VO5 Extra human body Mousse to add body and also bounce to your curls. And you have to not, under any kind of circumstances, usage a brush on her hair. Detangle her hair while the wet making use of either her fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

Try straightforward hairstyles for her curly hair.

Try the pineapple ponytail on her curly hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If your permed hair is misbehaving and you simply want to placed it up, shot the pineapple ponytail. It’s one of the easiest hairstyles for short curly hair therefore it’s perfect for curly bobs and also lobs. For long curly hair, attract a bandana deserve to keep her hair in location and assist disguise a negative hair day.

Wear a hair clip to jazz up her curls.

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A under ‘do with a one-sided clip is perfect for a date. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you permed your long hair, you can glam it increase by put on hair clips. Shot the side-sweep hairstyle with an elegant hair clip on one next if you’re gunning because that a sweet and romantic look. To regulate frizz, apply a dollop the mousse to her hair prior to styling. It will also aid give you an ext defined curls.

Perming her hair shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience. Prepare for it properly, and also you’ll emerge from the salon through a head of lush, gorgeous curls. Then, don’t forget to use the right assets to maintain your brand-new waves!