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I've been lonely, I've been wait for youI'm pretending, and thats every I can doThe love I'm sending ain't surviving to your heartI melted tears 'cause I'm told the they'll healYou call the truth, ns don't know how to feelEver feeling alone in a room full of friends?Got big plans yet you leave 'em in suspensePray because that me, patience wait for mePay dues, to trust me castle ain't comin'Way back it to be hoops, now its Maybach coupesAnd us all took a vow, no squares in the loopsNow we lookin' at each other, sittin' in a court roomI'm laughin' 'cause it's lookin' like a cartoonNever snitch, gained it tattooed through CartoonSomebody switch, by my rules we all loseYou've been hiding, never ever letting that showAlways trying, to store it under controlYou obtained it down and weathered your way to the topBut there's something the you forgotFlippin' with magazines, ridiculed because that my lifeBut they store takin' photos of my jewels in the light100 Gs in the night, entertainin' huge timers'Cause my one-liners rude together Don ImusSmellin' rose on my breath, questioning Brisco, fell asleep in his bedHabits we occurred livin' lavish, stackin' letter upClothes come from huge N Tall, no Gotta live life, tryna live lifePenthouse for a pimp, only drove the Benz twiceConvertible the cars, reason I murdered all of oursGet 50 collection calls from dawgs behind bars
You've to be hiding, never letting the showAlways make the efforts to store it under controlYou obtained it down and weathered your way to the top(Trilla, Ross)But there's something that you forgotFortune and also fame room pleasures you couldn't fathomBut fortunately for me, mine fortune developed me a palaceBenjamins by the pallet, I'm spendin' 'em by the tallyI know I'm under surveillance, i look in ~ it together a talentMillions i gotta manage, lil talent up in over there rappin'I'm such a hazard to these niggas, girlfriend never understand what could happenI started without a coin, no knowin' which means I'm goin'Now I'm charterin' storms and also readin' 'em a few poemsWeathered all of the storms, currently it's time to check out the lightI never felt this method bout anythin' in my lifeDetermined to be the best, not lookin ago at regretsHow many world you blessed is how you measure successI've been lonely, I've been wait for youI'm pretending, and that's all I have the right to doThe love I'm sending ain't surviving to her heart