My father provided me a 1980 Sears Gamefisher with a tiny 5 hp Mercury top top it. Ns have had actually it grounding out earlier of my residence for the last 4 or 5 years. I didnt want to begin working ~ above it until I found a cheap little trailer come haul it on. Fine I finely found one because that $300.00. My score is to have actually a nice tiny boat I deserve to take on tiny ponds and fish through my girlfriend or kids. So through a very minimal budget I have actually started my project. I would love any kind of advice. These are some before pictures.

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Re: 12 ft aluminum Sears GamefisherOne of my huge reasons for doing this thread was to salary it forward. I got a many of great ideas indigenous this site. One of the the things I want to share was how small money you need to spend to retore a tiny boat.The an initial thing a did to be clean the boat with a friends preasure washer. I dryed it out and started sanding with a palm sander. This took about 2 nights to do. Maybe 5 or 6 hours. Not fun yet needed to it is in done. Next I fill the boat up with water and crawled under the trailer come look because that leaks. Ouch.... About 12 to 15 the them. Ns think this thing had actually hit everything yet the daily double. I significant them v a black color sharpie on the outside and also then in the inside when I drained it. I did a bunch of looking into just how to protect against leaking rivits. Ns asked a man at work "Mr.Kill" that is smart together they come. He turned me ~ above an epoxy made by locktite because that aluminum. That costed about $4.00 in ~ the Depot. I determined at the price to provide it a try. I applied it to the marked spots and gave it a night to collection up. The next day I put the water to it and also couldnt believe how fine it worked. Stage 2 was deciding how I wanted to paint the boat. I recognize it didnt need to make it look new. I just wanted protection versus for what i was making use of it for. I went to walmart and bought part self etching primer made by Rustolium(note: that not v normal primer. Look in the Automotive bondo stuff). Ns used around 6 cans at $4.00 apiece to carry out the inside and the top part of the outside. ~ priming II came across some Herculies van bedliner ~ above sale for $60.00. I have read blended reviews on putting this top top your boat but chose to shot it since I assumed it would certainly be extra protection against leaks. I placed 2 coats of that on just above the rivit line on the boat. It was really basic to job-related with. Ns let that set up and also started taping that watercraft off come paint. Again ns didnt want to invest a lot of on paint so looked around and also found a True value hardware store having actually a cool opening sale. They had spray repaint on sale because that .99 cents a can. Ns bought choose 15 cans
that white and maroon. I painted the inside white to keep it cool on warm summer days. And also the Maroon because that the exterior top half.

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Paint went well yet just take it a most coats. I am posting pics below.