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I"ve heard that we can an easy disconnect the battery and let it sit for 15 minutes prior to replug it back...does this job-related on scion tc??? I freshly replaced mine gas cap and I desire to shut turn off the engine light..I dont have actually any machine like OBO II...
my auto-zone wont perform it anymore cuz who tried sueing them end them transforming off the CEL then nevergo and get things checked out and also blowing the engine so they wont execute it anymore stupid peeps the end there!

Rene325ci wrote: Auto zone walk it because that free., but try the battery very first it is easy and also cost friend nothig but time.lolya just referred to as auto zone they dont carry out it..should ns disconnect both + and also - terminal or simply negative?
to turn it off set your odo/trip to odo mode, rotate off the engine host the reset button down, then revolve on there car still holding the reset down till the auto is totally on climate it should simply shut right off. Girlfriend dont need to go to auto zone.

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just how to turn Off The CEL..How come Diagnose Your examine Engine irradiate For free

by MR_LUV at Mar 21, 2018 11:48am