Look, The Voice is winding down. You know what the means? American Idol is winding down too. And also you understand what the means? So girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance is coming! That’s a triumph for gays, straights, and also anyone who appreciates well entertainment and also phenomenal truth TV programming. Not just is SYTYCD the best competitive show in the reality market, it’s frequently a touching and invigorating one — native the auditions every the means up come the final episode. American Idol absolutely can’t case that.

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Why don’t we bide our time v a hotness perform commemorating the foxy men on this cursed show? It’s a great idea. I have to tell you, this was a challenging list to contrive, and I ended up picking three dudes indigenous one season to height this chart. The fact is, dance, movement, and also grace are naturally sexy, and therefore most males from the show can qualify here. Right here are the ripe I essentially remembered first.

9. Robert Roldan


Though season 7 was peppered through injuries and the lingering non-presence of mar Murphy, we were placated by third-place competitor Robert Roldan, who I quiet affectionately dub “gay porn Aladdin.” Come on, that guy looks hand-drawn! His winning smile, flexible dancing, and peppy attitude were unmistakable. (Secret: I normally dug Mia Michaels top top the panel.)

8. TWitch


The i can not forget (and oft-reappearing) tWitch to be a thundering, hard-stepping god in season 4. That helps the he appeared in mine favorite regime of every time, i m sorry we’ll acquire to later on in the list. Also: abdominals much?

7. Mark Kanemura


The gorgeous season four vet hailed from Hawaii, and also in situation you’re not sure his spellbinding hots room well-celebrated, follow his famous Twitter, read the tumblr “F*ck Yeah! mark Kanemura,” or to look come Lady Gaga’s right throughout her live performances. That’s most likely him in a fetching, however masculine dress jiving together her.

6. Marko Germar


Who might forget critical year’s third-place finisher Marko and also his kickass modern-day routine v Allison Holker collection to the Jeff Buckley song? Magic. Likewise salient: Who can forget his adorable smile, fresh face, and also that bullet quiet lodged in his shoulder?

5. Blake McGrath


Almost every very first season that a reality collection features an too many cocky contestant who fizzles out prior to his time thanks to attitudinal issues. Bisexual Canadian Blake McGrath qualifies: He to be elitist and entitled (remember when he carried his dog to the progressed stages of auditioning?), however he to be a well performer. The torso is quite tolerable.

4. Alex Wong


The injured holy child that season seven gave us a handful of terrific performances: He had actually his own Jeff Buckley triumph collection to “Hallelujah” (which to be a little literal, however still, fab), a trembling ballet piece, and also my favourite performance ever — his hip-hop duet through tWitch. I’m STILL the end of mine mind!

3. Danny Tidwell

The season 3 fighter survived several weeks that bottom-three placement before vaulting front in the advanced rounds, ultimately finishing in 2nd behind winner Sabra. You’ll note his astounding arms and also perfect eyes. Won’t you?

2. Pasha Kovalev


Season-three starter and show mainstay Pasha is… the everything. I cannot help but adore his uber-confident strides, Johnny Bravo posture, and also killer bod. I personally vote him together the solitary sexiest mover in the show’s history too. As soon as he’s catching his companion in those taut, topaz-complected arms, i swoon and go silent. This is a rare, rare thing.

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1. Neil Haskell


Classic, all-American, Aaron Carter-gone-right look at aren’t have to my point — but the effervescent, ineffably pictureseque Neil Haskell is hot sufficient to do me think in the strength of trusty old blondness and also buffness. Is that bizarre that my height three picks are from the third season? ns assume most SYTYCD fans think it’s the best cycle — the contestants had the finest camaraderie, and apparently the best bods. Agree? Disagree? watch at that MAN.