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My girlfriend dad request me to help him v replacing his fuel pump on a 93 fifty percent ton. He wants to take it off the box to obtain at it. Simply wondering if anyone has actually input to help this procedure go smoother and also faster. And also tips, storys or step by action instructions would certainly be helpful! thanks

When I replaced my fuel pump 3 freakin times in 3 mainly on my 99 NBS, we (me and also 3 others) took the bed off each time. All that is *I THINK* is unbolting the fuel filler neck from the bed itself and also undoing the 6 bolts I believe (on mine) and also lifting up and also over the rear tire. From there the fuel pump need to be quickly accessed.Putting it ago on is well the reverse. Should go quite smooth through some willing volunteers maybe 4-6 who space in the 5"10"-6"6" foot elevation range.

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The box has 8 bolts holding it on...there gonna it is in tight/rusted the so i would certainly throw some warmth to them...take the end the tail lights and disconnect them and also pull the wires out...then take the end the three bolts that organize the fuel filler neck in and push that threw and take the end the bolt it is holding the wire/ground ~ above climate are prepared to take turn off the box...2-4 guys deserve to do it pretty easy...once you gain it off,wash the optimal of the tank turn off so you deserve to see it better cuz gravel and dust will be up there...disconnect what you need to and also then remove fuel pump...MAKE certain NO DIRT/CHUNKS GETS into THE TANK...Install new pump and also hook everything earlier up and also that need to do it...ALSO make certain you inspect the behind brake currently cuz its ALOT less complicated to settle them with the box off!...check for other issues while the box is off...GOOD luck :great:
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