An 870 express will usually be in the $225 - $325 range. A straightforward 870 Wingmaster about $50 - $100 more.

There space versions that the 870 which could be precious into, or close to the $1,000 mark.

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Retail value for a gun in the condition described would range from $300 come $450 relying on mechanical and bore condition and remaining initial wood and also metal finish.

Remington 870 magnum, timber stock, hasn"t been fired much. Ns don"t recognize much around guns and also I"m simply curious of its value. It appears to be in perfect functioning order and there are no scratches top top it and also it is hardwood not comp0sit. I paid $350

Jay - you paid a fair sector retail worth for your shotgun.

Not a good deal, yet not a rip off either.



Mine was with beautiful basket weaving ~ above stock. Purchase in Texas approximately 1973. 12 guage 870 BDL. Might shoot 3 customs mags. Was in mint condition. My boy rolled a canoe over pair years back, shed it in deep water. Duck hunting. I"ve never ever seen such a beautiful stock ever.D

Hi Dan,

Every now and then Remington will use a piece of hardwood (stock) top top a shotgun that is way better than what it have to be.

Not to confused anyone analysis this object the shotgun you refer to was a Wingmaster vs. An refer grade previously mentioned.

As you have discovered out the is the rare exception.



I think your lacking the BDL part. That represent the large woven basket weaving. The adl was the standard.. . Ns don"t mental what i paid ago then. Yet the difference between those 2 was prefer 130.00 ns think. 28 inch complete choke.

Hi Dan,

There were part rare occasions where a much higher grade than expected piece of timber was placed on one. (Any hardwood stocked Remington product)

I think probably there to be an extra share from the custom shop that might have uncovered its way to the "regular" assembly floor. Either that or who just got real lucky.

The Basketweave checkering is no common and also was used on part older previously production gun stocks. And IIRC was pressed in, no actually cut "checkering". It looked quite however.


I have actually a 1976 wingmaster the was handed under to me. Has a rib vented 28 inch barrel and also looks choose it is bran new, I"ve been utilizing it together my main bird gun because that the past six years. No a scratch or note on it. Wondering what that is worth.

Hello James,

A basic grade, like brand-new condition, version 870 Wingmaster is around $450-$550.

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But v using it because that bird hunting - six hunting seasons, i don"t see how its possible to be in like brand-new condition. Absolutely there has to be some authorize of wear, even if only minor.

(FWIW - ns take my gun the end of the safe and find new dings simply from sitting there