Little home on the Prairie creator and also star Michael Landon died in 1991 indigenous pancreatic cancer. Renowned because that his function as Charles Ingalls indigenous 1974 come 1983, Landon lugged heartwarming storylines to life for nine periods on the historical drama.

One standout two-part episode contained some words the Landon’s daughter Leslie felt would best memorialize her father in ~ his funeral service.

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Michael Landon that ‘Little house on the Prairie’ | NBCU photograph Bank

Patricia Neal starred in a 2-part ‘Little House’ storyline

Melissa Sue Anderson played mar Ingalls, one of Charles’ daughters, ~ above the series. She recalled getting the possibility to job-related alongside an Oscar winner in season 2.

“Mike wrote and also directed ‘Remember Me’, a two-part episode guest-starring Patricia Neal,” Anderson composed in she 2010 book, The way I view It: A Look back at my Life on small House. “These shows were fine written and well acted and stood out as two of our ideal of season 2.”

Anderson noted that when Neal needed for some aid with she lines as result of a health and wellness issue, the guest star to be the ultimate professional.

Karen Grassle, Michael Landon, and Patricia Neal the ‘Little home on the Prairie’ | NBCU picture Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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“Patricia Neal played the widow Julia Sanderson in this episode,” the Little House alum explained. “I was really excited to be working with an actress of her caliber. She provided a teleprompter while she functioned with us, due to the fact that the punch she suffered rather earlier impacted her capacity to memorize dialogue. It certainly didn’t affect her exhilaration ability! She did a wonderful job in this role.”

‘Remember Me’ concluded with some memorable words

In “Remember Me,” Julia it s okay diagnosed v terminal cancer and also has to uncover a home for she three kids – john (Radames Pera), Carl (Brian Part), and also Alicia (Kyle Richards). She enlists Charles to aid her find suitable parents for she kids. Charles must try to keep the brothers together rather than have them adopted separately.

The two-part story concludes v his an excellent friend Isaiah Edwards marrying his sweetheart grace Snider, with the couple adopting the 3 Sanderson children after Julia’s death. Anderson explained the final scene in her book.

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“After the vows room exchanged, Isaiah picks up Alicia, and also the camera freezes top top her challenge as she hugs him,” Anderson wrote. “Patricia Neal’s voice is heard speak the words her character wrote:

‘Remember me v smiles and also laughter,

For that’s the way I’ll remember you all.

If you have the right to only psychic me through tears,

Then don’t psychic me at all."”

Leslie Landon honored she dad v ‘Little House’ quote

Landon left behind fairly a heritage after his death in 1991. His longtime friend and also business manager, Dennis Korn, recalled a inquiry from the actor in his final days.

“Several days prior to he knew he was going to die, Mike traction me aside and told me, ‘I don’t desire a big production at the funeral,"” Korn claimed in Marianne Rittner-Holmes’ book Kent McCray: The guy Behind the most Beloved television Shows. “‘I desire my crew up front v my family. I don’t care about anybody else."”

Korn made sure that Landon’s critical wishes to be granted. Landon’s daughter Leslie chose to honor she dad’s memory making use of his very own words from among Little House’s many moving episodes.

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“Mike’s daughter, Leslie Landon Matthews, speak at the service,” Landon’s friend and also Little House producer Kent McCray shared. “She review an excerpt from an illustration Michael had written for Little House. ‘Remember me v smiles and also laughter, for the is exactly how I will remember you all. If you have the right to only mental me with tears, climate don’t mental me at all."”