Offer employee an investment option that provides secure and dependable return in your retirement plans with stable Value. Easily accessible only in identified Contribution Plans, this capital preservation choice empowers employees to build more diverse retirement portfolios while reducing risk.

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This income-producing, low-risk investment alternative consistently outperforms money industry funds — and inflation — while providing a guarantee of principal and also interest. So employee feel much more confident around investing for your future.1

Because that the wide variety of choices available, there’s a secure Value solution that can fulfill the capital preservation needs of any retirement plan, nevertheless of size.

Explore our latest thought management articles and industry research studies to learn much more about exactly how Stable Value can play vital role in your retirement plan.

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Uncover the advantages Stable value can provide your employees together they think about retirement options.

Get to recognize the experts who have the right to provide more information about Stable Value, and also how it might fit right into your this firm retirement plan.


You’ll job-related with an skilled and committed team, providing the field of expertise you deserve and also expect, for this reason you deserve to feel confident about including secure Value together an investment choice in her retirement plan.


Seamless and straightforward implementationDedicated service that can make ongoing management easier



Advisor/plan sponsor accessibility to our stable Value update eNewsletterCommunication materials that administer complete details about the in its entirety stable value market and our stable value solutions

Industry leaders with a long track document in steady ValueCreative, tailored services backed by substantial knowledge and experience

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Matt Curtin, Sales direct DCIO East, secure Value Investments share the four main areas plan sponsors should consider when evaluating stable value funds.

1 guarantees are subject to the gaue won strength and claims-paying capability of metropolitan Life Insurance firm and room subject to plan terms and also conditions.