One of the primary reasons ns garden is to to fill my pantry v canned fruits and vegetables the are totally free of bpa and pesticides. Of every the various things i preserve, tomatoes room far and away the most-used garden ingredient in mine household; it seems I’m continually pulling a jug of some sort of tomato <…>


One the the primary reasons ns garden is to fill my pantry with canned fruits and also vegetables the are free of bpa and pesticides. Of every the different things ns preserve, tomatoes room far and away the most-used garden ingredient in my household; it seems I’m continually pulling a jar of some type of tomato product or another out that the pantry.

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In the past, i have planted as countless as 40 tomato plants in a season and always had plenty because that me and lots to share, however this year, I'm gardening in a new locale and in a much smaller space. Here on this small lot where complete sun is scarce, there’s no room come wantonly tree excess. I need to understand – around – how plenty of tomato plants will yield enough fruit to fill my cupboards.

I recognize that yields will count upon the selection of tomato and the weather and my basic success, but this page about preserving tomato says:

One bushel of new tomatoes weighs 53 pounds and yields around 18 quarts of canned tomatoes or 15 come 18 quarts of juice. About 2 1/2 come 3 1/2 pounds of fresh tomatoes makes 1 quart of crate tomatoes.

Past experience in a warm summer region leads me to think that a single tomato plant have the right to yield as much as 20-30 pounds every season. Since I’m gardening in a an ar that’s new to me and also notorious because that being difficult to prosper tomatoes in, let’s assume ns can obtain 10-15 pounds of tomato from every plant. This is nothing however a wild guess, however we’ve acquired to begin somewhere, right?

In a year time, my family of four (including two teenage boys) will eat:

26 quarts the pizza sauce24 quarts that marinara sauce36 quarts that salsa (I use salsa in chili recipes and also Mexican dishes in enhancement to serving it with chips)

That’s 86 quarts of tomato (more or less, together there will be other ingredients tossed in v the tomatoes).

In order to stock my pantry through the tomato commodities we eat regularly, I’ll need to flourish 258 pounds of tomatoes. That method I’ll need between 17-25 tomato tree in order to accommodate my family’s demands for a year.

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I don’t have room because that that many tomato plants, but I’m said that through the mild weather below in Hawaii, ns can acquire two or three plants a year. I m sorry begs the question: If ns can flourish so plenty of tomato crops in a season, giving me accessibility to fresh fruit, carry out I really require to preserve so much?

For now, I've gained a dozen plants in the ground. Currently if only the weather would certainly cooperate!

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