My an initial post. Ns hope i don"t screw this up!I got a Poulan Wild point 2075 indigenous a friend. Like brand-new condition but the fuel hoses to be rotted off.The left hose originates from a filter in the tank to the carb. The appropriate hose seems to simply stick into the tank.My inquiries are: Which water tap goes where and also what is the purpose of that right hose that seems to just stick right into the tank?I"ve enclosed a picture.Thanks,

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Learned that once I worked for that Husky/Echo dealer in Bardstown........I was functioning on a Poulan there, and I bespeak the mechanic"s manual,and it to be shipped to united state from Husqvarna..................Seems that Husqvarna and Poulan space the exact same company..............Kind of explains all of those burnt up orange and also green saws out backthem purple Huskies too......No wonder that went the end of business, he made decision the not correct company.......And he had actually me functioning for him......................
Thank friend Fish !I discovered this website while googling chain witnessed fuel line. I have an old 16" Poulan 2075 that had rotted out line. I changed it, yet it wouldn"t start. After analysis this thread ns realized I had actually the present crossed. Readjusted them this morning per her post. That fires right up and also I put it to work-related taking out part dead trees the end back. Ns sincerely evaluate it.Wayne
I uncovered this website while googling chain experienced fuel line. I have an old 16" Poulan 2075 that had rotted out line. I replaced it, yet it wouldn"t start. After reading this thread i realized I had the present crossed. Adjusted them this morning per her post. That fires ideal up and also I put it to work-related taking out part dead trees out back. I sincerely appreciate it.Wayne
Thanks because that the welcome. This site is amazing. I"m no a real tree man, just an old retired male works as component time "helper" to my brother in law"s tree service. By "helper", I mean I traction brush, operation the chipper, gas & oil the saws, host ropes, etc. He does every the "tree" work.Wayne
First rebuild of Wildthing
I have had actually my Poulan Wildthing for around 8 years and finally had actually to carry out a rebuild. The fuel currently were really tricky however thanks come this forum I got them in right. They were really rotted and the fuel filter had broken off. The ago of the bulb was actually labeled through "tank" and "carburetor" so that actually cleared up well. I got the carburetor repair kit and replaced the screen, needle valve, and gaskets. It started easily and ran yes, really well. Currently I need to do the same thing on mine Poulan agree 295.
Poulan 2075 Question
In the fuel tank together with the deteriorated fuel currently I discovered a tiny rubber examine Valve/duckbill valve with a star washer top top it. Wherein does this walk on the Poulan 2075?
All trough the web I am seeing the the fuel lines are run prefer fish said. What i am discover weird, on my 2375. Ns rebuilt the carb and also decided to change the present to. The hasn"t run appropriate for years so I want to covering the entirety fuel system. My filter to be attached on the bigger line to the right and to the entry on the carb and also the purge dumped out to the little line ~ above the left. Could that make any kind of difference in the means it runs? basically it is operation the way you said, just the big and little lines to be switched

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