The pharmacist to compare dosing because that potassium gluconate and also potassium chloride as well as other differences in between the two potassium salt forms.

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Andy asked

What room the differences in between potassium chloride ER 20 mEq and also Nature made Potassium Gluconate 550 mg? The purpose is to mitigate nighttime foot cramps. Am I choosing an proper replacement?


It can sometimes be complicated to know the distinction in potassium products, together we are dealing with different units of measure (mEq vs. Mg) and also different salt forms (chloride vs. Gluconate).

We"ll very first discuss conversions between the 2 in regard to attaining the same quantity of "elemental"potassium and then we"ll discuss particular characteristics that each.

Coverting Potassium Chloride to Potassium Gluconate

Below, we obtain into the specifics regarding how come discern how much elementalpotassium is in every product. Overall:

2,350 mg the potassium gluconate is tantamount to 10 mEq the potassium chloride in terms of elemental potassium content (390 mg of elemental potassium).4,700 mg ofpotassium gluconateis indistinguishable to 20 mEq that potassium chloride in terms of elemental potassium content (780 mg of element potassium).Potassium Chloride To elemental Potassium

Potassium chloride, as a prescription, is measure in mEq ormilliequivalents. The most usual strengths are:

8 mEq10 mEq15 mEq20 mEq

Eachmilliequivalent the potassium chloride includes 75 mg.Therefore:

8 mEq the potassium chloride includes 600 mg10 mEq of potassium chloride consists of 750 mg15 mEq that potassium chloride has 1,125 mg20 mEq that potassium chloride consists of 1,500 mg

Now, even though we have the full milligram quantity of potassium chloride, we must do a further conversion to find out exactly how much elementalpotassium is had within potassium chloride.

Potassium chloride contains 52.44% potassium through mass (which is calculated indigenous the total molecular load of potassium chloride). Therefore:

600 mg the potassium chloride consists of 314 mg of elemental potassium.750 mg of potassium chloride includes 393 mg element potassium (often rounded come 390 mg).1,125 mg of potassium chloride contains 590 mg elemental potassium.1,500 mg that potassium chloride contains 786 mg element potassium (often rounded to 780 mg).

Below is the complete failure of the typical potassium chloride strengths:

Potassium Chloride 8 mEq = 600 mg that potassium chloride =314 mg of element potassiumPotassium Chloride 10 mEq = 750 mg of potassium chloride =393 mg element potassiumPotassium Chloride 15 mEq = 1,125 mg the potassium chloride =590 mg element potassiumPotassium Chloride 20 mEq= 1,500 mg the potassium chloride =786 mg elemental potassiumPotassium Gluconate To elemental Potassium

Potassium gluconate has much less potassiumby mass than potassium chloride. It includes only 16.69% potassium by mass. Therefore, if her potassium gluconate supplement consists of 550 mg, it only contains roughly 91 mg of element potassium.

To illustrate how much element potassium is in potassium gluconate, let"s look in ~ the brand of the complement you mentioned (Nature made Potassium Gluconate 550 mg):


The label confirms what we have above, the there is around 16.69% element potassium by mass in potassium gluconate (550 * 0.1669 = 91).

Additional Information

So, you would must take approximately 4,700 mg of your potassium gluconate supplement to equal the lot of elemental potassium (~780 mg) in your 20 mEq potassium chloride pill. Since your potassium gluconate supplement contains 550mg every pill, that equates to around 8.5 tablets.

What Is The Difference between Potassium Chloride and Potassium Gluconate

Aside native potassium chloride containing far an ext elemental potassium by mass (52% VS. 16.7%) than potassium gluconate, there are other far-ranging differences between the two:

Potassium chloride has better GI absorb than other potassium salts.Potassium gluconate may be an alternative for those looking come restrict chloride intake.Potassium gluconate is alkaline (compared come potassium chloride, i m sorry is acidic). The alkaline characterisctics may assist in those through metabolic acidosis, or in those susceptible to kidney stones.

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Final Words

Although us have listed rough conversions and compared potassium chloride and also potassium gluconate, the is important to keep in mind that you should nottry to take it prescription strengths of potassium if you are notunder the supervision that a doctor. Taking too lot potassium can cause serious side effects like heart arrhythmias.