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2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis password 138
Short description: Late result acute polio.ICD-9-CM 138 is a billable clinical code that have the right to be offered to suggest a diagnosis ~ above a reimbursement claim, however, 138 should only be provided for claims with a date of company on or before September 30, 2015. For cases with a day of company on or ~ October 1, 2015, use an tantamount ICD-10-CM password (or codes).You are viewing the 2012 variation of ICD-9-CM 138.

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This classification is to be offered to indicate problems classifiable to 045 as the cause of late effects, which are themselves share elsewhere. The "late effects" include problems specified as such, or as sequelae, or as as result of old or inactive poliomyelitis, without evidence of energetic disease.This group is to be used to indicate problems classifiable to categories 001-009, 020-041, 046 as the reason of late effects, which room themselves classified elsewhere. The "late effects" include problems specified together such; they likewise include sequela of illness classifiable to the above categories if there is proof that the disease itself is no much longer present.
Cervical neuromuscular scoliosis due to poliomyelitisCervicothoracic neuromuscular scoliosis as result of poliomyelitisCervicothoracicscoliosis because of poliomyelitisLate effect of poliomyelitisLate effects of poliomyelitisLumbar neuromuscular scoliosis due to poliomyelitisLumbosacral neuromuscular scoliosis as result of poliomyelitisLumbosacral scoliosis due to poliomyelitisNeurogenic bladder together late impact of poliomyelitisNeurogenic bladder due to late effects of acute polioNeurogenic bladder, late result of acute poliomyelitisNeuromuscular scoliosis because of poliomyelitisOccipitoatlantoaxial neuromuscular scoliosis as result of poliomyelitisOccipitoatlantoaxial scoliosis because of poliomyelitisOsteopathy after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy because of non energetic poliomyelitis of reduced legOsteopathy because of non energetic poliomyelitis, lower legOsteopathy from poliomyelitisOsteopathy that ankle after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy that forearm after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of hand after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of l ankle after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of l forearm after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of l hand after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of L lower leg after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of l shoulder after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of l thigh ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy the L upper arm after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of left ankle after poliomyelitisOsteopathy the left forearm ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy that left hand ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy that left reduced leg after poliomyelitisOsteopathy that left shoulder after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy that left thigh after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy the left upper arm after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy of lower leg due to inactive poliomyelitisOsteopathy of many sites after poliomyelitisOsteopathy the R ankle ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy that R forearm after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy that R hand ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy of R reduced leg ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy of R shoulder after poliomyelitisOsteopathy the R thigh after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy the R upper arm after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy of ideal ankle after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of ideal forearm after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy of ideal hand after poliomyelitisOsteopathy the right reduced leg after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy of ideal shoulder after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of right thigh after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of best upper arm after poliomyelitisOsteopathy of shoulder ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy that thigh after ~ poliomyelitisOsteopathy of top arm ~ poliomyelitisParesis together late effect of poliomyelitisParesis, late effects of poliomyelitisPoliomyelitis osteopathy that anklePoliomyelitis osteopathy the left anklePoliomyelitis osteopathy of left forearmPoliomyelitis osteopathy the left handPoliomyelitis osteopathy the left reduced legPoliomyelitis osteopathy that left shoulderPoliomyelitis osteopathy the left thighPoliomyelitis osteopathy the left upper armPoliomyelitis osteopathy of multiple sitesPoliomyelitis osteopathy of right anklePoliomyelitis osteopathy of right forearmPoliomyelitis osteopathy of best handPoliomyelitis osteopathy the right reduced legPoliomyelitis osteopathy of ideal shoulderPoliomyelitis osteopathy of appropriate thighPoliomyelitis osteopathy of appropriate upper armPoliomyelitis osteopathy the the forearmPoliomyelitis osteopathy of the handPoliomyelitis osteopathy the the shoulder regionPoliomyelitis osteopathy the the top armPoliomyelitis osteopathy the thighPoliomyelitis, late effectPost poliomyelitis syndromePostpolio syndromePostpoliomyelitis syndromeThoracic neuromuscular scoliosis as result of poliomyelitisThoracolumbar neuromuscular scoliosis because of poliomyelitisThoracolumbar scoliosis because of poliomyelitis
Late - see also conditioneffect(s) (of) - see additionally conditionabscessintracranial or intraspinal (conditions classifiable come 324) - see group 326adverse impact of drug, medicine or organic substance 909.5allergic reaction 909.9amputationpostoperative (late) 997.60traumatic (injury classifiable come 885) 905.9burn (injury classifiable come 948) 906.9extremities NEC (injury classifiable to 943) 906.7hand or wrist (injury classifiable to 944) 906.6eye (injury classifiable come 940) 906.5face, head, and also neck (injury classifiable to 941) 906.5specified site NEC (injury classifiable come 942) 906.8cerebrovascular an illness (conditions classifiable come 430) 438.9withalterations of emotion 438.6aphasia 438.11apraxia 438.81ataxia 438.84cognitive deficits 438.0disturbances that vision 438.7dysarthria 438.13dysphagia 438.82dysphasia 438.12facial droop 438.83facial weak 438.83fluency disorder 438.14hemiplegia/hemiparesisaffectingdominant side 438.21nondomiant next 438.22unspecified next 438.20monoplegia of lower limbaffectingdominant next 438.41nondominant side 438.42unspecified side 438.40monoplegia of upper limbaffectingdominant next 438.31nondominant next 438.32unspecified side 438.30paralytic syndrome NECaffectingbilateral 438.53dominant next 438.51nondominant side 438.52unspecified side 438.50speech and language deficit 438.10specified kind NEC 438.19stuttering 438.14vertigo 438.85specified form NEC 438.89childbirth complication(s) 677complication(s) ofchildbirth 677delivery 677pregnancy 677puerperium 677surgical and medical treatment (conditions classifiable to 996) 909.3trauma (conditions classifiable come 958) 908.6contusion (injury classifiable come 920) 906.3crushing (injury classifiable to 925) 906.4delivery complication(s) 677dislocation (injury classifiable to 830) 905.6encephalitis or encephalomyelitis (conditions classifiable to 323) - see category 326in infectious diseases 139.8viral (conditions classifiable come 049.8, 049.9) 139.0external cause NEC (conditions classifiable to 995) 909.9certain problems classifiable to categories 991foreign human body in orifice (injury classifiable to 930) 908.5fracture (multiple) (injury classifiable come 828) 905.5extremitylower (injury classifiable come 821) 905.4neck that femur (injury classifiable to 820) 905.3upper (injury classifiable to 810) 905.2face and skull (injury classifiable to 800) 905.0skull and face (injury classifiable come 800) 905.0spine and also trunk (injury classifiable to 805) 905.1with spinal cord lesion (injury classifiable come 806) 907.2infectionpyogenic, intracranial - see category 326infectious conditions (conditions classifiable come 001) NEC 139.8injury (injury classifiable come 959) 908.9blood courage 908.3abdomen and also pelvis (injury classifiable come 902) 908.4extremity (injury classifiable to 903) 908.3head and also neck (injury classifiable come 900) 908.3intracranial (injury classifiable to 850) 907.0with skull fracture 905.0thorax (injury classifiable come 901) 908.4internal body organ NEC (injury classifiable to 867) 908.2abdomen (injury classifiable come 863) 908.1thorax (injury classifiable come 860) 908.0intracranial (injury classifiable to 850) 907.0with skull fracture (injury classifiable to 800) 905.0nerve NEC (injury classifiable to 957) 907.9cranial (injury classifiable come 950) 907.1peripheral NEC (injury classifiable come 957) 907.9lower limb and also pelvic girdle (injury classifiable come 956) 907.5upper limb and also shoulder girdle (injury classifiable to 955) 907.4roots and also plexus(es), spinal (injury classifiable come 953) 907.3trunk (injury classifiable to 954) 907.3spinalcord (injury classifiable come 806) 907.2nerve root(s) and plexus(es) (injury classifiable to 953) 907.3superficial (injury classifiable to 910) 906.2tendon (tendon injury classifiable to 840 with .2, and 890 v .2) 905.8meningitisbacterial (conditions classifiable come 320) - see classification 326unspecified cause (conditions classifiable come 322) - see group 326myelitis (see likewise Late, effect(s) (of), encephalitis) - see 326parasitic diseases (conditions classifiable to 001 NEC) 139.8phlebitis or thrombophlebitis the intracranial venous sinuses (conditions classifiable come 325) - see classification 326poisoning as result of drug, medicine or biological substance (conditions classifiable to 960) 909.0poliomyelitis, acute (conditions classifiable come 045) 138pregnancy complication(s) 677puerperal complication(s) 677radiation (conditions classifiable to 990) 909.2rickets 268.1sprain and strain without point out of tendon injury (injury classifiable come 840, except tendon injury) 905.7tendon authorized 905.8toxic impact ofdrug, medicinal or organic substance (conditions classifiable come 960) 909.0nonmedical problem (conditions classifiable come 980) 909.1trachoma (conditions classifiable come 076) 139.1tuberculosis 137.0bones and joints (conditions classifiable to 015) 137.3central nervous device (conditions classifiable to 013) 137.1genitourinary (conditions classifiable to 016) 137.2pulmonary (conditions classifiable come 010) 137.0specified guts NEC (conditions classifiable come 014) 137.4viral encephalitis (conditions classifiable to 049.8, 049.9) 139.0wound, openextremity (injury classifiable come 880, except .2) 906.1tendon (injury classifiable come 880 through .2 and 890 through .2) 905.8head, neck, and also trunk (injury classifiable come 870) 906.0Meningoencephalopoliomyelitis (see additionally Poliomyelitis, bulbar) 045.0late impact 138Poliomyelitis (acute) (anterior) (epidemic) 045.9deformities 138late result 138old through deformity 138residual 138sequelae 138Syndrome - see likewise Diseasepostpolio (myelitis) 138
Until Sept. 30 ICD-9-CM 137.4 have the right to be supplied to clues a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim. On or ~ Oct. 1 use an ICD-10-CM code.

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