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Short story: I had actually no exhaust lobe on mine cam, adjusted out the video camer to a new one. Ns screwed up and got it the end of time. Which mark on the flywheel is the tdc time mark? Btw that is a 2002 Sportsman 500.
Looks choose a T and also will heat up v the suggest of the object in the top inspection feet of the recoil.
I take it the cover turn off of the side and also couldnt discover anything the looked choose a T. Every I checked out was feet on one side and 1 feet straight across from the 5 or 6 feet that space in line.
There is a heat on it. May have to pull spark plug and also turn over by hand v dinner over the hole and feel for compression hit to obtain it close, then look for it.


this might help too
How go you replace the video camer if girlfriend didn"t have it at TDC to begin with?The marks will certainly be ~ above the ledge/flat shelf over the feet you describe and also below the gear teeth. You"ll have to clean the paris wheel increase some and also maybe sand the a little. It help to usage a white mechanic"s marker to highlight the "T" therefore you can see it clearly through the timing hole in the recoil housing.
Ok I just went out and lined the T increase perfect and then inside wall the 2 dots on the timing equipment up perfect and also now that sounds prefer something is slapping as soon as I try to begin it. Choose it turns over because that a second then catches.

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