10 Pokémon That space Only an effective In The Rain Weather is an important factor in Pokémon battles, and certain Pokémon are only viable in the rain.

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Pokémon Pelipper Kabutops Barraskewda
one of the most potent tactics in the Pokémon gamings is weather manipulation. In addition to being powerful creatures may be to release catastrophic amounts of energy, Pokémon have the right to also readjust the weather itself. Special, Pokémon can reason it come be an extremely sunny or rainy, or they deserve to conjure increase hailstorms and sandstorms.

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Rain deserve to be primarily called upon by the relocate Rain run or the ability Drizzle. Rain has actually a couple of different effects in Pokémon, yet it generally powers increase Water-type moves and weakens Fire-type moves. Certain Pokémon benefit an ext than rather due to factors such as their abilities or type, and their true potential comes the end only when it"s raining.

Politoed is a sort of chicken-and-egg situation when it pertains to rainy weather, as Politoed is most an effective when it"s leading to the rain. This Generation II Water-type is just one of the Pokémon that have the right to have the Drizzle ability, yet it"s specifically rare v Politoed, as it"s a Hidden capacity for this details Pokémon.

That said, as soon as Politoed does have Drizzle, it"s a go-to because that Pokémon groups that are centered about the rain. Politoed has solid protective stats and can be difficult to put down, and it"s among the few Pokémon in the Sword & Shield meta that currently has accessibility to Drizzle.

Ferrothorn ~ above a platform
Ferrothorn isn"t a Water-type; it"s a Grass and also Steel-type Pokémon. It"s additionally a protective powerhouse favor Politoed. That only has actually one weakness: Fire-type moves. This means that Ferrothorn is many immovable when it rains, together the rain effect essentially gets rid of the Fire-type weakness.

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Without Rain run or Drizzle, Ferrothorn is still a strong wall, but it"s way more at risk to a Fire-type one-hit KO. The same can also be claimed for Scizor, which is pest and Steel-type, but it"s less of a wall and much more of an attacker than Ferrothorn. Together a result, Scizor"s usefulness is much less based upon its capability to resist a hit.

Toxicroak isn"t a Water-type Pokémon either, but it has a common ability that makes it an ext powerful as soon as it"s raining. That capacity is dry Skin. In the sun, Toxicroak is weak come Fire-type moves, yet it regains wellness every turn as soon as it"s raining.

Toxicroak is a really useful sweeper in Pokémon compete play, and also Life Orb is a well-known item to provide to sweepers. The drawback of Life Orb is the it saps a Pokémon"s wellness each turn, however healing the health earlier with the dried Skin capability in the rain provides Toxicroak a far much more viable option.

7 Goodra can Heal that Status conditions With its Hydration Ability

Goodra is a pure Dragon-type Pokémon and also was actually Ash"s companion for a time in the X & Y anime. When its Sap Sipper capability is often desired in battle, granting Goodra immunity to Grass-type moves, a Goodra v Hydration certain thrives under merganser conditions.

Hydration is a rarer capability that enables the Pokémon to recuperate from status problems while it"s raining. That means burns, sleep, paralysis, and also poison every melt off of Goodra while the rain is falling.

Barraskewda is a Water-type indigenous the 8th generation the Pokémon, and it"s gifted through an ability that makes for a great rainy work Pokémon: Swift Swim. This ability increases the Pokémon"s speed substantially when rain is falling on the battlefield.

It"s another powerful sweeper prefer Toxicroak, yet its Swift swimming ability way that it deserve to hit faster in merganser weather. With moves like Close Combat and Liquidation at its disposal, Barraskewda have the right to tear through adversaries with reduced physical Defense.

5 Drednaw packs A punch With assist From Swift Swim

Drednaw is another new Pokémon native Sword & Shield. Prefer Barraskewda, it has the Swift swimming ability, though it"s a Hidden capability for Drednaw and, therefore, harder come get. Drednaw is a Rock and also Water-type Pokémon that can also dole the end high quantities of physics damage.

In combination with Swift Swim, Drednaw has access to a powerful physical move set thanks to its Rock-typing. It has stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Head Smash, and also Earthquake as options. However, that is typing additionally makes it even much more susceptible to gift one-hit KO"d by Grass-type Pokémon.

Ludicolo is the lovable dancing Pokémon and also the signature partner to winter B indigenous the Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale that Darkness games. It has a strong typing v Grass and also Water, and also it actually has two potential abilities the are pertinent to the rain.

Ludicolo can have the Rain food ability, i beg your pardon allows it to gain back a small health each turn while rain is pouring. It likewise has the Swift swim ability, which makes Ludicolo much quicker in the rain. Strangely enough, its surprise Ability, own Tempo, has no relevance to rainy weather.

3 Pelipper"s Drizzle makes It Rain, if Rain Dish have the right to Heal It

Pelipper is a Flying and Water-Type Pokémon, and also it also has two different abilities concerned the weather. The first is Rain Dish, i beg your pardon restores a tiny bit that Pelipper"s health each turn once it"s raining. The various other is Drizzle, which reasons rain once Pelipper enters the battlefield.

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The last is more often preferred and arguably an ext useful. It provides Pelipper a staple of rain teams and also is actually wanted over the abovementioned Politoed in vain play.

Kabutops is a preferred an option for rain teams and also dates back to the Kanto Region. That is a Rock and Water-type Pokémon with Swift Swim prefer Drednaw, but its base rate is even greater than Drednaw"s. That said, their base strike is tied. Kabutops likewise has the benefit of tradition over Drednaw, together it has been a preferred choice for rainy groups for a couple of generations now.

Despite that, countless of the appropriate move selections are the same. Kabutops services from Liquidation, rock Edge, and also Swords Dance, and also it can likewise whip the end the priority move, Aqua Jet.

1 Kingdra Is An also Bigger unique Attacking hazard In The Rain

Kingdra is a an extremely popular Swift Swim selection for rain teams. That is a Water and also Dragon-type, do it just weak come Dragon and also Fairy-type moves. It has a killer Special attack stat the can finish in moves favor Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor, and also Hurricane blowing away opposing Pokémon.

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Kingdra is arguably an already an effective Pokémon, however that"s nothing compared to the damages it can deal when just a small rain is falling down.

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