i really desire to restart my copy that OR to soft reset because that shiny legendaries this time around. The problem is, I"m not sure what specifically I"ll shed if ns do, and also whether it will be worth it just for this.

So should I reset mine game?*

* I currently know just how to reset / restart my game



To be clear, i assume you space talking about deleting your save file and beginning the video game over indigenous the title display screen (B+X+Up, etc).

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If so, you shed everything. You"ll begin the game similar to you did once you an initial got it, appropriate out that the box.

This just affects this game, though. If you have actually Pokemon or items you want to save around, you have the right to trade castle to another game (or use the Pokemon Bank, yet not for items) before deleting her old one. Then transport them ago once you obtain the opportunity to do so.


It"s your own an option if girlfriend wan"t come restart the game. You will lose everything except the game itself.


If girlfriend havent caught the legendaries yet,DONT RESTART THE entire GAME!Soft reset v Left Trigger and Right Trigger and also Start.If you have captured them and want to keep your pokemon,have a reliable person host them or use pokebank prior to you reset the game,then play untill you have the right to use wifi.Make a note of how countless pokemon you have transfer so friend can catch that plenty of zigzagoons.Always have actually some extra pokeballs if one of them misses.If you usage pokebank,i think as shortly as you obtain to the an initial pokemon facility you can transfer them ago without catching zigzagoons (i dont have actually pokebank because i have 2 3ds and also both games on 3ds)


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