E HREF="http://www.cg-tower.com/">A damage with a view 276: Kodai Pokemon come Nazo no Gundan!273: A ruin with a watch Dodgy Synopsis 276: Kodai Pokemon come Nazo no Gundan!273: A ruin with a see cg-tower.com illustration Name- Team Rocket: Fanchising Opportunities easily accessible Dodgyness Rating:- 3/5 Animation- 3/5 Story-Um....yes Team Rocketness-Their very own boss ethical Learnt Eleven out of twelve medical professionals recommend it now sees Ash break a long standing heritage he an initial picked increase in the Johto Region. At the end of the last illustration he set off come Olddale city to register for the Hoenn League. At the beginning of today"s episode... He"s virtually there!Well this is an excellent news indeed; in truth Ash is therefore excited about almost gift at Olddale that he asks Pikachu (which is relaxing its fat ass ~ above his shoulder) if he wants to race the remainder of the way.Fantastic, why nothing deserve to stop his progress now!Oh... May.Yes, Ash didn"t just pick increase a new goal yesterday however he walk something we never ever thought likely and also managed a traction a hot chick! This carries its own set of problems though, as despite having a chest dimension in the high twin digits may herself has only simply left single digits, she"s ten year old! The other trouble is the Ash is fully oblivious to her rather "obvious charms" and also responds to her plea to slow the fuck down with an admonishment that she doesn"t walk rapid enough.May falls ago on that old female standby though, guilt. She mentions casually that she offered to have actually a bicycle (destroyed by Pikachu in the ahead episode) and also a startled Ash easily assures she they deserve to slow it down a tiny bit."That"s RIGHT!" grins may in satisfaction.Oh Ash, you have no clue what you"ve obtained yourself into, perform you! She"ll ruin you if she doesn"t uncover a sugardaddy soon, but at least the countryside is pretty! maybe Ash could be....A damage With A View!The odd couple continue on up the road at a slow pace, Ash proceeding on in a happy vacant daze. May ultimately breaks the silence with an attempt to make conversation, questioning why Pikachu rides on Ash"s shoulder rather of in a Pokeball.Ash describes that Pikachu just level out prefers to travel exterior (does he even have Pikachu"s Pokeball anymore?). May takes out her own Pokeball and also looks at it uneasily, she hasn"t had any kind of complaints indigenous Torchic... Involved think that it, she doesn"t know much the anything around Torchic.Now a smart human being would indicate she contact out Torchic and get to know it, but due to the fact that the last smart human was an action PROFESSOR earlier in Littleroot Town... Ash argues she watch it increase in her fancy new Pokedex. She takes that out and begins to read up on Torchic, when Ash stops her to allude out one Azumarill was standing on the road before them.May offers the Pokedex to get a reading, and also for the first time we hear the voice that the brand-new Pokedex, whom us shall speak to Dextina!"Azumarill, the Water Ball, Pokemon," says the computerised female voice, "Azumarill is able to throw, it"s tail, prefer a lasso. Making use of the momentum, to move about.""IT"S for this reason CUTE! I want IT!" giggles May.Well, due to the fact that cuteness is a good basis for catching Pokemon, Ash says that she get around capturing it, so she.... She litter a Pokeball in ~ it!Ash cries the end in fear as the sphere smacks Azumarill in the head, bounces off and also sucks the Pokemon inside. Might squeals through delight and proclaims she has caught her first Pokemon! and then the Azumarill pops earlier out spring furious.May is furious, what the hell is wrong with the Pokeball? She threw it and everything! Ash explains she demands to battle the Pokemon first, to wear it down and also prove herself a worthy trainer. Might shows that wonderful woman assurance that permits them to make large mistakes and then act prefer they knew what they were doing all along. She calls out Torchic, the fluffy little bird squealing its own name in delight and then chasing after Azumarill while may tries to remember what Torchic"s assaults were. Azumarill bounces off of the round at the finish of the tail sidebounces a tree i beg your pardon Torchic charges right into, falling onto its ass and also staring comically up in ~ the tree as might mutters the things can be going better.Oh sweet Jesus, is Ash the smartest person there?Torchic it s okay up and, favor the small battler the is, charges after ~ Azumarill again i m sorry bounces away. Torchic charges headfirst into one more tree and also collapses again, getting picked up by may who speak it the it has to wait for she commands. Torchic"s eyes go all huge and wobbly and she tells it not to cry, climate Ash points the end that Azumarill is walk to get away!May set Torchic down and orders that to use Peck Attack. Azumarill looks on wide-eyed together Torchic performs "the Ash" and runs and yells in the direction of it. Azumarill bounces the end of the way and Torchic starts to relentlessly peck to death the tree Azumarill to be standing in prior of.After realising Azumarill it s okay away, the furious Torchic chases Azumarill with the bushes and also then lets fire an Ember assault (like a flamethrower but with tiny "bullets" of flame rather of a jet the flame). Indigenous the bushes come a cry of dismay and also Torchic is ecstatic! it rushes with the bushes and also finds itself dealing with a scorched Azumarill and two Merrill. All three blast Torchic v Water Gun and also Ash actions in to do the save, having actually Pikachu heavy beat increase the dust in prior of the water Pokemon v a thunderbolt, to present them they typical business. Horrified at this vicious abuse the dirt, Azumarill and also the Merrill leap into the water and also swim far as might picks up her dazed and also confused Torchic.Ash describes that Fire species are weak versus Water types and might asks what she can do with the wasted Torchic (oh you re welcome God let her litter it over her shoulder and also ask Ash wherein she can get a "replacement") and also he defines that a Pokemon Centre will replenish Torchic"s energy. They collection off in ~ a an excellent pace towards Olddale again, may now as enthused together Ash in ~ the prospect of getting there.As they run (May transferring the Pokeball in her hands) Ash notices some old rocks jutting up over the hill. He and May slow down together they with them, May arguing they look favor old buildings. A guy with a ponytail (never to trust a guy with a ponytail, tenderness Dodgers) emerges dressed in a jumpsuit he gained from April O"Neill"s garage sale and tells them the is the ruins of Olddale, and he is Professor Alden.What type of tree is an Alden?Ash fights his herbal instinct to be distracted and they ask whereby the Pokemon center is. Alden points under the hill to whereby the Pokemon sit on the outskirts of what is most likely a more recent version of Olddale (Newdale?). Leaving Alden behind (the negative fellow must be wondering what he have the right to do with the rest of the day if that isn"t walking to have actually a pair of kids around to go on a one-shot adventure with) lock head under to the Pokemon Centre as the work settles right into dusk, might timidly questioning Nurse joy if anything have the right to be excellent for her Torchic.Joy runs a couple of tests on the Pokeball (yep, it"s made the end of plastic!) and announces the Torchic just needs a an excellent night"s rest. She then argues that May and Ash acquire a great nights sleep too, yet May appears to have other ideas. She coyly asks Ash if he deserve to "show she around" and Ash, that course, simply doesn"t acquire it.Don"t get us wrong, gentle Dodgers, we"re not trying to institute a new type of AAML, yet it seems to united state that when May has actually no personal romantic attention in Ash she IS established to number out just why the hell the doesn"t reaction to any kind of of the normal tricks she supplies to get her very own way. So much she"s tried pushing the end the boobs, talk up what a "great guy" that is and also how "clever and also big" he is, and also now she"s out and also out request him to "show her around" a town he"s never remained in before. The just thing the has operated for she is a guilt trip, and also that is something that"ll work on any kind of guy... After ~ all, everyone has actually a mother.Regardless, Ash happy agrees to "show her around" through absolutely no ide of subtext in his head. He has to make a call very first though, and before we recognize it he"s ~ above the line through Professor Oak back in Pallet Town. Might cries the end in pleasure in sight of the dirty old guy (maybe she recognises the type, or she"s just as enthusiastic together anyone various other 10 year old girl to view someone who has been on television) and pushes previous Ash after the finishes explaining he has actually registered for the Hoenn League. Bending over just enough to give Oak a good look down her top, may introduces herself and also explains the her brother is a huge Pokemon nerd and idolises Professor Oak... And also he"s going to it is in insanely jealous when she speak him she has actually chatted through Oak. She speak him she"s simply a beginning of the person herself and Ash is walk to present her the ropes.Oak assures her that with Ash by her side she"ll execute fine (it"s the exact same logic that makes world take their ugly girlfriend out through them as soon as they"re ~ above the pull) and then indications off. Ash, May and also Pikachu all contact their goodbyes.Elsewhere in the city an additional phonecall is being made come the Kanto Region, this time in a slightly less technical manner. In one old format phonebooth without video clip capabilities, Team Rocket space on the wire to their Boss, the feared and mighty Giovanni!He is surprised to hear the they"re in the Hoenn Region, and also Jesse eagerly explains that they"ve tracked Pikachu to that point and are closer than ever to capturing it. Why Jesse go the talk is unclear, since the phone call is hosted to Meowth"s head as he sit on height of Wobbuffet.Giovanni - that probably might give a crap around capturing a Pikachu - asks them if castle actually have any great news, because they have dubbed him on his personal line. Jesse, James and Meowth exchange concerned looks and also then define that, well.... Gaining to Hoenn wasn"t precisely cheap (they stowed away on a delivery after obtaining stuck to the side by a magnet!) and also they were sorta, kinda hope they might get one advance."No!" replies Giovanni v conviction. There will certainly be no more money because that Jesse, James and also Meowth..... Unless.Unless what? Well uneven they successfully set up Team Rocket in the Hoenn Region. It seems that in spite of Team Rocket being an global organisation, it has so much failed to get a foothold in the Hoenn region and, if they have the right to do so, Giovanni will certainly talk cold, hard cash.He hangs up and also Jesse, James and Meowth stare at each other, then walk wobbly eyed with glee. Collection up a branch office! It"s a promotion! every their hard work over the years has actually not been for nothing, he"s practically told them they will at some point replace him as leaders that Team Rocket!Back in Kanto, Giovanni scratches Persian under the chin and also grins. He"s in a good mood, since he now has actually three completely expendable systems in Hoenn that should at the an extremely least (and native Jesse, James and also Meowth the expects the an extremely least) obtain him information around Teams Magma and also Aqua!Who? review on, fear Dodgers, and also find out!Ash meanwhile, is "showing may around". Regrettably its no a night ~ above the town, yet a tour of the Pokemon Centre. He shows her the bedroom....Oooh, maybe he DOES acquire it!....then takes her out to the lobby....Nope!....which basically ends the tour. He describes the lobby is whereby all the trainers hang out and chat, i m sorry excites may immensely. Perform they chat around malls and also the best places come eat and also clothes and reality television and also how dreamy Brad Pitt is and how awesome mobile phone call ringtones are!?!?! fine no, castle chat about Pokemon. May is instantly deflated (her chest remains buoyant), it seems that she can"t escape this Pokemon mad human being no matter where she goes. Some trainers start talking lot louder for part reason and mention the Petalburg now has actually a brand-new Gym Leader. Ash charges end in a hurry, demanding to recognize who the knew Gym Leader is, yet May grabs his arm and also hauls him far (no quite girl likes to have anything however all attention on them) and when he complains, she speak him she"s hungry and also he agrees to grab some food v her.They settle right into a booth, most likely in the Pokemon centre cafeteria. The matter of the invoice may end up being an issue later since a girl like might will expect dinner to it is in bought because that her, and Ash just plain freeloads, however for now things space good. May has some type of rice meal with orange sauce and apparently is enjoy it it, talking up how good the Pokemon center are, type of One prevent All in Shop. Ash reminds her the the centres are designed for the usage of trainers in between bouts of heavy training, but May cheerfully reminds the he is about to start heavy training and also she"s just beginning, for this reason it"s every good.A pair that buttocks in April O"Neill"s second hand jumpsuit shows up on screen, Professor Alden (is he associated in heavy training) reintroducing self to them in the really hopes of filling in his lonely days with a one-off adventure complied with by waving goodbye together the sunlight sets.Outside the center a hole deserve to be watched in the ground, and also inside the hole is Team Rocket! Wobbuffet cheerfully digs v a bucket in a section of the tunnel currently completed when James and Meowth discuss the beloved smells comes from the Pokemon Centre.... James proclaiming the rice dish we saw earlier must it is in spaghetti and also meatballs v garlic bread! but it is time to get work, once the new branch is collection up, they"ll it is in Team Rocket"s Number One in Hoenn. But hang on, because they space Team Rocket in Hoenn, they are by default Team Rocket"s Number One in Hoenn! however then Jesse is in Meowth and James" faces warning lock that v thinking prefer that, Butch and also Cassidy might slide in and usurp their peak spot!James congratulates Jesse for her capability to hit them with a morale structure pep talk and also they collection to digging with a vengeance, to sing a happy song of their upcoming promo as Wobbuffet tide its hands in the air.Like that just. Don"t. Care!Back in the Pokemon Centre, Professor Alden has actually taken Ash and May back to his room (holy crap, possibly he has actually a various kind that adventure in mind!) and shows castle a snapshot of the damages they were in previously that day. He defines that the is exploring the ruins and also the Pokemon Centre has been kind sufficient to administer him v a room. He climate tells them around the ruins and also a secret sealed chamber believed to be a connection between the modern-day world and the human being of old Pokemon. By old Pokemon he doesn"t typical extinct Pokemon but Pokemon that have existed for millions of years there is no change. Ash is passionate to see these Pokemon (if they haven"t changed, certain he might see them the end on the street?) and Alden claims he might have the chance, he"s discovered a tablet that describes how to open the sealed chamber, and all he needs now are absent keys that will open it.As castle chat, the view suddenly alters to infrared as external several red hood numbers with horns (on the hoods, they"re no horned themselves) clock the Pokemon center wearing infrared sunglasses. Lock have established that Alden is there, for this reason it"s time to make their move.Inside, the power suddenly cuts turn off (though supposedly the walls create an ambient light the doesn"t leaving everyone in a quickly animated yet pitchblack scenario) and the hooded numbers arrive with 3 Houndoom, demanding Alden take it them come the ruins. That refuses, however then Nurse pleasure arrives ~ above the scene through the flashlight and they grab her, forcing Alden come come follow me or.... Well, nothing is ever before actually threatened, but Alden seems to view the implication.Nurse Joy, Ash, Pikachu and May are shoved right into a warehouse room, may actually shoved so hard she drops on her ass. The door is locked behind them, leaving lock powerless to execute anything... And also speaking of power, the power is off and also that way that the hurt Pokemon acquiring healed in the centre are in danger! including Torchic!Luckily the hooded numbers didn"t inspect the storeroom also carefully, as Pikachu clues an wait vent (beloved of an initial person shooters and activity movies alike) i beg your pardon will enable them to escape.Meanwhile Team Rocket have actually completed your tunnel! lock pop out of the end triumphantly.... And also find themselves a pair of feet quick of the wall! A Houndoom growls in ~ them and they twist to uncover themselves dealing with the mysterious hooded figures, who need to know what they"re doing.Well they"re doing whatever they want to do! They"re the peak Team Rocketeers in Hoenn! lock send the end Arbok and also Weezing to display these weirdoes what for.... And Weezing and Arbok timeless pop back into their Pokeballs as quickly as they check out the three Houndoom.Realising they"re outnumbered and outclassed in terms of Pokemon, Jesse, James and Meowth leap back into the tunnel and also say your farewells. The leader of the hooded team grunts to self that every little thing he heard about "them" appears to be true.So either he"s heard the Team Rocket or Jesse, James and also Meowth"s own exploits have come to be the ingredient of legends!Back within the Pokemon centre Ash and Pikachu climb through the wait vent, complied with by may who doesn"t desire to be left the end of the adventure. Pikachu offers its ears to recognize the way out (how specifically this functions is unclear) and also they come out in the lobby. Ash reaches end the key desk and also grabs Nurse Joy"s master vital while may turns on the reserve strength (apparently she knows exactly how to rotate things on). Castle go and also let Nurse delight out of the storage room, climate head off to the damages to see if they can save Professor Alden.Up in ~ the ruins, the hooded menaces room demanding that Alden open up the secret chamber because that them yet he responds that trying to force the chamber will make the collapse. Castle retort the they"ve heard him speak he deserve to open the door, and he replies that he additionally said he needs four keys/treasures to gain in.To Alden"s surprise, they have the four treasures, which space actually little coloured gems. They need he location them into the door in the ideal order however he refuses, until they threaten the lives of all of those in the Pokemon Centre. Not understanding that Ash and May have already sorted the out, Alden agrees and also opens the secret chamber, the massive stone door rolling earlier on a groove in the floor and permitting them access to the chamber for the first time in that knows just how long.Inside is an north room, with walls covered in illustrations of human being apparently being struck by some ancient Pokemon. Alden looks roughly in rapt attention, but the hooded figures have not uncovered what castle were reportedly looking for. They photo the walls and also then intake Alden, acquisition off in a helicopter as Ash and May come on the scene. Lock ask him if that is it s okay while, watching native in hiding, is Team Rocket!"Prepare for a really quiet trouble!" whispers Jesse."Make that a very silent double," agrees James in a whisper."Dat"s right!" agrees Meowth silently, and also they all lift increase the treasures they have stolen native the room door. However then Wobbuffet pops out to proudly (and loudly) salute, gaining Ash, May and also Alden"s attention. They need that Team Rocket hand end the gems yet Jesse instead sends out Arbok, i beg your pardon Pikachu head butts ago into the ground i beg your pardon knocks all 4 gems out of Team Rocket"s hands (WHY!?!) prior to Pikachu thundershocks them."Team Rocket"s blasting off lot too soon!" they cry as they"re blown away.Alden take away the gems back inside the chamber and also puts them within the door again, and also as the sun rises the light strikes the gems and fills the grooves of the chamber, advertise the door earlier further and revealing stairway leading down further.A clever trick indeed, opened the outer door actually closes the inside door, and the hooded numbers have left as well early and missed your chance. Ash, May and Alden head downstairs and also find themselves in a substantial underground chamber through a large lake. The water smells clean and also pure follow to May, and also they wonder if it leader out right into the sea... And then a giant, strange feather fish pokemon leaps out of the water and crashes back in. Alden gasps, that is a Relicant, an ancient pokemon. The legends were true, this room IS a (metaphorical) link in between the past and the present.They go back to the Pokemon Centre where Torchic is emotion fine once again and also Ash decides they should head off to Petalburg City. Prior to they can go though, Alden shows back up to exclaim that all the info he has so far found indicates people and old Pokemon got on peacefully (that photo of screaming humans running indigenous an Aerodactyl may have actually been a snapshot of a wonderful game of tag), and also he"s for this reason keen to work-related that he deserve to barely stop, even for food and sleep!Though supposedly a pair of children can traction him far from his work.They congratulate the on his work and also then head off, Ash admonishing himself when he realises that he never ever actually uncovered out who the new Petalburg Gym Leader is (because he had actually such a rapport going v the old one, apparently!). May grins a trifle oddly and also proclaims she has no idea that it could be and they continue on in the direction of Petalburg. Ash, together always, appears to be completely oblivious come anything depth than confront value.

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We yet are not, and judging indigenous today"s illustration we have the right to assume that may is make the efforts to save Ash from learning information around Petalburg City. Why?Tune in next time, gentle Dodgers, perhaps we"ll find out! finest QUOTES vault Episode following Episode episode List