Mondays, in general, deserve to be tough. We put the trash the end on Mondays so as such it is also the weekly move of the fridge. Something moldy it s okay tossed and also anything contempt questionable gets cooked up on Mondays. Us don’t usually have actually much trash, however on occasion things do acquire lost in the earlier of the fridge for much longer than they must :(.

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This week, we uncovered this deserve to of “expired” Pillsbury crescents. (I should point out that we in reality popped that open, the would have been trashed if we discovered it in the condition shown.)


Expired Crescent Rolls

Expired Crescent rolls - Ham & Cheese Crescents

Opening this “expired” crescent roll can, we can see the the dough was ever before so contempt softer and also puffier 보다 cans opened up prior to their (see extr info below). That was additionally slightly stickier, but we un-rolled the parcel anyways and proceeded to press a slice of white cheddar cheese and then a thin part of deli ham onto each ar of dough and also then roll them all up to make ham and cheese crescents. Us did this top top Monday – might 2, 2016.


naught “expired” about these crescents! Baked as usual for about 10 minutes, lock looked and also tasted as they typically would and also they every disappeared quickly.

Additional Info

For an ext information on crescent dough, view our bread page. Note: friend will notification that us recommend 1-2 weeks past a best-by day for refrigerated dough rolls, this is pretty standard to get the absolute ideal taste and quality indigenous refrigerated dough products. Back many commodities will begin to breakdown after this point, many do remain strong for a longer duration of time as witnessed through this deserve to of “expired” crescent rolls.

For more information ~ above ham, check out our ham page.For an ext information on deli meats, view our deli meat page.

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