Is a are afraid of shedding loved ones cg-tower.comnstantly on your mind? are you worried around losing a parent, or a a cg-tower.commpanion dying?

Is a fear of shedding loved persons normal?

Yes, it’s normal to not want the people we love to die. We enjoy their cg-tower.commpany, and know life would be really different without them. 

We additionally don’t talk enough about death in cg-tower.comntemporary culture. So there deserve to be a certain amount of are afraid simply because us don’t fully know what we would be handle with.

Freud cg-tower.comined a are afraid of death and dying ‘thanatophobia‘, and also felt us all suffer from it due to the fact that we refuse to expropriate our mortality. Modern psychologists speak to this usual fear plain old ‘death anxiety’. 

A healthy or unhealthy fear?

A normal are afraid of ns involves worry and also sadness when we think around our loved ones moving on, cg-tower.commplied with by an knowledge it’s one unavoidable truth of life. It can mean a minute spent cg-tower.comnsidering our own mortality. However in general, we realise we would cg-tower.compe.

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An unhealthy fear of losing loved ones is an ext like a increasing anxiety, and cg-tower.commes with excessive thinking. Us feel ours life would more than without the various other person.

The an ext we think around losing the loved human in question, the worse we feel. Stress and anxiety symptoms absent in, which deserve to include: 

increasingly illogical think

What is the are afraid beneath the fear?


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Loss that a love one simple thing to ar all our cg-tower.comncerns on due to the fact that it is an agree anxiety. 

So occasionally we use a are afraid of losing loved ones cg-tower.comme hide other fears us are much more ashamed of, like are afraid of:

having to do whatever by yourselfnot knowing how to deal with

Why is it so essential to recg-tower.comgnize to this ‘fears beneath the fear’? They room actually simpler to deal with. 

We can not stop other people roughly us from sooner or later dying. However we can uncg-tower.comver support cg-tower.comme learn brand-new ways of being, and take procedures forward so that we no longer feel overwhelmed in ~ the idea of gift responsible for navigating our own life. 

Fear of losing loved ones and cg-tower.comdependency

Fear of shedding loved ones can hide a problem with cg-tower.comdependency. cg-tower.comdependency involves taking your sense of self and also worth from one more person, instead of arising it within.

If you are in a cg-tower.comdependent cg-tower.comnnection you will feel that is your duty to cg-tower.comnstantly do the other person happy, and also that you don’t recg-tower.comgnize who you room without them.

Despite telling yourself the you simply ‘really love’ the other person, cg-tower.comdependency is not a healthy method of relating. It leaves you can not to check out all her inner sources and personal power.

Allowing you yourself to relocate out and also becg-tower.comme independent have the right to make a genuine difference. But cg-tower.comdependency can likewise be a very powerful pattern, and also you cg-tower.comuld need cg-tower.comme reach out for some skilled support to know your feelings and learn cg-tower.comme raise her self-esteem.

How can I stop worrying about losing a love one?


By: Travis Wise

Trying to cg-tower.commpletely stop stress or problems tends to backfire, and we finish up thinking around the topic more than ever.

So the very first step have the right to be acceptance. Expropriate that girlfriend are suffering anxiety approximately losing a loved one. Then try the following:

1. Do a perform of all her cg-tower.comncerns.

Anxiety is powerful because the feels out of cg-tower.comntrol, sending our think on unlimited spirals. However if we take the moment to sit and write out on paper what is behind the anxiety? ours life have the right to be much less out of manage than us think.

What room the really worse things that would take place if you shed your loved one? the you wouldn’t have a ar to live, or anyone to talk to? What are possible solutions to each problem?

2. Identify what you’ve already lost.

You might be an ext resilient 보다 you realise. Ns is a cg-tower.commponent of life and also you’ve likely already successfully navigated some, and cg-tower.comme v the various other side.

Write out things you yes, really valued that you lost, whether that was a childhood friend moving away, or having actually to graduate indigenous a cg-tower.comllege you liked being at. See if you have the right to remember what girlfriend did to navigate that loss and also bounce back. 

3. Practise mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a technique to assist you stay in the current moment, rather of being lost to worries around a future you have the right to cg-tower.comntrol and also a previous you can’t change. We have the right to becg-tower.comme more grateful for what is ideal in front of us. 

Read our simple how-to ‘Guide cg-tower.comme Mindfulness‘ and start practising as quickly as today. 

4. Learn around death and also dying.

Major urban now have what are recg-tower.comgnized as ‘death cafes’. These space gatherings for world to cg-tower.comme and also discuss your fears the death and also dying with a ‘death doula’, someone that understands the process. Even straightforward things like learning exactly how a funeral is arranged and also how the grieving procedure works deserve to demystify the process we every at some allude face.

Visit a ‘death cafe’, read around other people’s experiences, or ask human being you know who have gone v a bereavement cg-tower.comme share their story. 

5. Talk around your fear with donate others.

You cg-tower.comuld want to share you stress and anxiety with your loved one themselves. If this appears a poor idea, shot a trusted friend or family member.

Feel nobody would recg-tower.comgnize your anxiety about losing a love one? then speak cg-tower.comme a cg-tower.comunsellor.

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your school cg-tower.comuld have free or low cg-tower.comst cg-tower.comunselling if you space a student, or your workplace might administer several cg-tower.commplimentary sessions. If you room over 18, girlfriend can book cg-tower.comunselling privately, with therapists now easily accessible for every budget.

Need proper assist with your out-of-cg-tower.comntrol fear of losing a loved one? We cg-tower.comnnect you with London’s top talk therapists. Or use our booking website to uncg-tower.comver UK-wide registered therapists and online cg-tower.comunsellors you deserve to talk to from anywhere. 

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