Erik, otherwise recognized as the Phantom, is the tragic titular character of the novel. He is physically deformed and also may be understood either together a tragic hero or a disastrous villain. Erik falls in love with Christine however expresses his feelings in harmful and also at times damaging manners, such as sabotaging performances and taking Raoul captive. The is childish and gives the impression that he is typically one to have actually things his way (a propensity that is evident in Raoul together well).

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Christine Daae

Christine is the key female protagonist of the novel. Christine is initially from Sweden. Her mother passed away while she to be young; she father, through whom she had a an extremely close relationship, passed away a few years later, yet he passed down his enthusiasm for music to Christine and told her story of an angel of music. Erik manipulates Christine into thinking the is the point of view of music, and also is therefore able to obtain her trust. Christine is the love interest of both Erik and Raoul, and Erik"s jealousy over she love for Raoul is a significant source of conflict throughout the novel.

Raoul de Chagny

Raoul is the Viscount the Chagny and Christine"s childhood friend. Once they accomplish years later, after ~ Raoul city hall Christine"s performance at the Opera, they fall in love, acquire engaged, and make plans to elope. However, Erik, who also loves Christine, grows jealousy of Raoul; problem arises as the two men contend for her, despite Erik"s feelings gift unrequited. He is rash, impatient, and also often speaks his mind there is no considering the relationships that he has constructed with the people approximately him, specifically in regard to his brothers Philippe and also his lover Christine.

Philippe de Chagny

Philippe is Raoul"s enlarge brother. Together both of your parents have died, Philippe is owner of the family members estate and also wealth, and takes treatment of Raoul. The opposes Raoul and also Christine"s relationship and also marriage, bring about them to save their engagement secret.

Madame Giry (Mme. Giry)

Madame Giry is the box keeper that the Opera. She is loyal to Erik and even display screens fondness for him, together he pipeline her gifts and promises to assist her daughter succeed if mam Giry obeys him. At one point, she is fired by the supervisors of the Opera, however she regains her place after Erik intervenes.

Meg Giry

Meg is madame Giry"s daughter. She is Christine"s friend, yet she additionally helps her mom in law Erik"s bidding. She is described as being relatively self-centered, with black eyes and hair, and also a very thin body.

The Persian

The Persian is a number from Erik"s tragic previous who provides information about him. He helps Raoul recover Christine from Erik, however is only somewhat successful (Erik offers up Christine ~ above his very own accord). That is referred to as "daroga" by Erik (daroga method "police chief" in Persian), and also at one allude he assisted Erik escape the death penalty spread by the Persian shah (Erik knew too many state secrets). At some point the Persian was relieved the his duties because that helping Erik, yet nonetheless he continued to get a pension after having actually moved to Paris to store an eye ~ above Erik. He is skeptical of Erik"s promise to carry out no more harm and also so resolves to aid Raoul find Christine prior to Erik walk anything else. At the end, Erik, in a an extremely weakened state, pertains to him and also tells him that he has actually reunited Raoul and also Christine, and wishes to offer him several of his most vital possessions after the dies.


Carlotta is the spoiled and vain Spanish prima donna whose performance is sabotaged by Erik. At Erik"s demand, she is replaced by Christine.

M. Armand Moncharmin and also M. Firmin Richard

The new managers that the Opera House. As soon as their precursors attempt to explain the problems laid down by Erik (that he receive a monthly payment that 20,000 francs and also that Box five be booked for him), they wave it off together a joke. They perform not take it these warnings seriously: instead, they decision to sit in Box 5 themselves one night and replace Mme. Giry with Richard"s concierge as package keeper of box Five. As a result, Erik offers the hollow wall surfaces (unbeknownst come them) of Box 5 to scare them by projecting his voice; that drops the chandelier onto the crowd, death Richard"s concierge. He likewise makes Carlotta croak like a toad if performing, embarrassing, horrifying, and also scaring both Moncharmin and also Richard. They eventually make your payments and also acquiesce come Erik"s demands, albeit an extremely skeptically.

M. Debienne and M. Poligny

The old managers of the Opera House. Top top the final night of their tenure they room thrown an extravagant taking leave ceremony, in which all the Parisian social and artistic elites are present. Shortly before they leave, they warn Moncharmin and also Richard, your successors, to follow Erik"s conditions.


The Persian"s servant. He brings guns to the Persian and Raoul in Christine"s dressing room before they do their means to Erik"s home. Darius also cares for the Persian ~ Erik fall him in ~ the Persian"s former doorstep adhering to the occurrence in the torture chamber.


The acting-manager. That is involved in the investigation of Christine"s disappearance.


The managers" secretary. He is likewise involved in the examination of the loss of the Christine.


The superstitious chorus master. That is additionally involved in the examination of the loss of the Christine.


The commissary of the police that is called in to investigate the loss of Christine.

La Sorelli

The command ballet dancer.

Professor and Mamma Valerius

The couple who soaked up Christine and also her father after castle struck poverty in an effort to get renowned from Christine"s father"s musical talents. Lock educate and also raise Christine. After the Professor and her father"s deaths, Christine resides with Mamma Valerius in Paris.

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Little Jammes

A ballet girl.

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