exclusive right of gift a Wallflower: The Movie's Biggest alters From The book Although The perks of gift a Wallflower maintained as numerous details native the novel together possible, it had a couple of changes. Right here are the greatest ones.

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Perks of gift a Wallflower differences movie book
The exclusive right of being a Wallflower is, because that the many part, a faithful adaptation that the novel of the same name, but it likewise went v some alters – some more subtle than others, and also some because that the better. Composed by Stephen Chbosky, The perks of being a Wallflower was released in 1999, and got the large screen treatment in 2012, directed and written by Chbosky himself.

The exclusive right of being a Wallflower centers top top Charlie (Logan Lerman), a 15-year-old introvert in his very first year of high school, who struggles in between his brand-new life at school and his mental health. As soon as he befriends a team of seniors – Sam (Emma Watson), Patrick (Ezra Miller), and also Mary Elizabeth (Mae Whitman) – he learns come cope v his best friend’s suicide and childhood trauma. The novel and the film attend to topics choose anxiety and depression, and also while the publication was initially received with mixed reactions, the film gained much better reviews.

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Having the writer of the resource material together the writer and also director that the huge screen variation ensured the the movie was an extremely loyal to the original story, but as the happens with every adaptation, it had to go with a couple of alters to far better fit the format and also narrative. Here are the biggest alters from the Perks of gift a Wallflower book.

Charlie’s household Is cut Out

The exclusive right of being a Wallflower Charlie family
Charlie is the protagonist of The exclusive right of being a Wallflower, so it’s no surprise that the film concentrated on him and also his journey v high school, friendships, love, and also trauma, and left characters that it seems ~ minor behind, such together his family. In the book, however, his household has a bigger presence. His enlarge brother, who is briefly checked out in the film, is an ext present, safety time through Charlie throughout the holidays and talking to him around his girlfriend. His father was actually abusive at part point, hitting Charlie once he “hurts” Aunt Helen’s feel (yes, the Aunt Helen who sexually abused young Charlie).

The perks of being a Wallflower Candace
speaking of Charlie’s family, the movie omitted an essential moment in Charlie’s relationship with his sister. Just like in the film, in the book his sisters is in an abusive relationship, and also Charlie witnesses her friend hitting her, and also she forbids Charlie from informing their parents. In the novel, Charlie keeps his promise yet he tells bill (his English teacher, who then says the now famed quote “we accept the love we think we deserve”), who consequently tells Charlie’s parents. Their connection deteriorates quickly after that, however Charlie later learns the she’s pregnant. Charlie takes she to an abortion clinic and keeps the secret for actual this time, staying by she side and bringing her ago home. After ~ this event, your relationship boosts significantly. The film almost included this moment, but it to be cut and also instead ended up being a turned off scene.

The perks of gift a Wallflower Charlie Logan Lerman
In both versions, Charlie’s finest friend Michael is dead, however how his self-destruction is addressed is different. The publication makes it clear at an early stage in the story that Michael cursed suicide, i beg your pardon serves as a hook because that the leader to acquire invested in Charlie’s story and also struggles. The film made decision to keep this big revelation until the party scene whereby a stoned Charlie opens up up to Sam, noting the beginning of his friendship with the group. Charlie does get high in the book, yet he doesn’t tell Sam around Michael.

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This is one of two people a large or little change, vital or no so much, depending on who friend ask. The tunnel step in the publication has Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” together soundtrack. Though it likewise works through the whole “infinite” feeling, it’s certainly a really different vibe. “Landslide” is a slow-moving song and much more melancholic, conversely, David Bowie’s “Heroes” has actually a more uplifting style, which fits the tone of the movie better. It’s up to every viewer which voice has more of one “infinite” vibe: Stevie Nicks’ or David Bowie’s.

Charlie Remembers Aunt Helen

The resource of Charlie’s mental and emotional struggles, and of his see of relationships and love, is the childhood trauma he went with with Aunt Helen. Throughout the story, readers/viewers discover that Charlie and also Aunt Helen were an extremely close, and also he even refers come her together his favorite. Aunt Helen passed away in a auto crash ~ above her means to purchase Charlie a date of birth gift, and he felt guilty for she death. In the film, he remembers what Aunt Helen did come him when in the psychiatric hospital, close to the end. In the book, that remembers a small earlier, as soon as he and also Sam begin to gain physical, which is a triggering moment for him. The book also has Charlie do the efforts to know that particular event, when the film merely reveals it and also doesn’t continue with that part of the story.

at the Christmas party, Charlie offers all his girlfriend a present, and also he provides Patrick a poem. That a long and emotional one, titled “Absolutely Nothing”, and also he reads the in front of everyone, with Bob pointing out that he heard it was a suicide note. The poem was left out of the film, many likely as result of time together it’s a pretty long one, despite it to be shot and included together a turned off scene in the DVD.

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In general, The exclusive right of being a Wallflower is a faithful adaptation the the book, and keeps the essence of the resource material if it likewise expands on moments that weren’t completely explored in the film, and the scenes and details the were either omitted or changed were greatly so the story can flow better and to fit the tone they to be looking for.