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Mae West was well known for she clever one-liners, tossed the end in movies and also on the stage. In this quiz are some of her cleaner ones. Execute you remember them?Average score for this quiz is 8 / 10. Difficulty: Easy. Played 402 times.As the Sep 21 21.
1. "Beulah, peel me a grape" is among Mae West"s most famed lines. Her character, Tira, uttered the to she maid after cram an violation woman the end the door. The inquiry for something therefore outrageously indulgent put Tira back in fee again psychologically. Despite she never played an point of view in any movie, in what movie go Mae West speak the line?

2. Mae West"s very first film appearance remained in "Night after ~ Night" (1932). Once a hat-check girl remarked, "Goodness, what beautiful diamonds," what was Mae West"s scandalous reply?
4. Mae West, portraying one of her usual worldly characters, is pour it until it is full in as a schoolteacher to a team of innocent nation boys. When a student asks what "addition" is, she answers, "Addition is once you take it one thing and include it to another, two and two is four, and also five will acquire you ten if friend know just how to work-related it." This line is native Mae West"s appearance with W. C. Fields in what movie?
5. One of Mae West"s most renowned lines showed up in 2 versions, an initial in the movie "She excellent Him Wrong", and also then in its an ext familiar variation in "I"m No Angel", exit the same year, 1933. What to be Mae West"s signature phrase?
6. "Well, a male in the home is worth..." stated Mae west in "Belle that the Nineties", parodying a usual aphorism. Exactly how did she complete the quote?
7. "When I"m good, I"m really good, yet when I"m bad..." What"s the rest of Mae West"s quote, from the movie who title additionally shamelessly recognized her sins, "I"m No Angel"?
8. "When I"m caught between two evils, I usually like to take the one I"ve never ever tried." illustrating a wanted criminal that flees toward Alaska, Mae West stated this heat in what movie?
9. Mae West"s twin entrendes ongoing throughout her career. In her final film, "Sextette" (1978), she play a movie star and sex symbol. A fan provides the right line: "Do you obtain a most proposals from your male fans?" What does she answer?

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10. In "I"m No Angel", Mae West together Tira says to one admirer: "What perform you carry out for a living?" that answers, "Oh, uh, kind of a politician." Mae West"s reply is a sly humiliation to politicians. What is it?