The U.S. Southerly Command Area that Responsibility encompasses 31 countries and 16 dependencies andareas of distinct sovereignty. The region represents around one-sixth of the landmass the the people assigned to regional unified commands.´s Area of obligation includes:

The land mass of Latin America southern of Mexico

The waters adjacent to main and south America

The Caribbean Sea

Information about countries and also areas of distinct sovereignty (

Antigua and Barbuda |Argentina |Barbados |Belize |Bolivia |Brazil |Chile |Colombia |Costa Rica |Cuba |Dominica |Dominican Republic |Ecuador |El Salvador |Grenada |Guatemala |Guyana|Haiti |Honduras |Jamaica |Nicaragua |Panama |Paraguay |Peru |Saint Kitts and Nevis |Saint Lucia |Saint Vincent and also the Grenadines |Suriname |Trinidad and also Tobago|Uruguay |Venezuela|State Dept. Fact Sheet ~ above Dependencies and also Areas of unique Sovereignty Area of responsibility Map

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CBPAMO: return from a long day of trying to find smugglers in the open up ocean. Ours P-3 crews room the finest at spotting drug traffickers…

usairforce Airmen native
Travis60AMW, delivered more than 56,000 pounds the humanitarian help to the Dominican Republ…

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