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I looked it increase on my scanner and also it came out w/. "cylinder over temp, defense active.what does the mean?

P1299 - Cylinder Head end Temperature Protection active Indicates an engine overheat problem was recognize by the cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor. One FMEM Strategy referred to as Fail-safe Cooling was activated to cool the engine. Engine cooling mechanism concernsLow engine coolant levelBase engine concernsRefer to ar 1, Powertrain manage Software , for more information on Fail-safe Cooling Strategy and cylinder head temperature sensor.
so her pretty much saying i"m going to need some an ext coolant or readjust my redline water wetter to regular coolant for the cold temperatures?

Honestly, ns don"t know the service procedure, the is just the extra information on the code.Were the me, I"d inspection an yes, really overheat condition... Or look in ~ the CHT sensor itself.Do you recall your emphasis dropping come 2 cylinders at any suggest in the recent past?
the CHT sensor is behind the alternator therefore you"ll have to undo teh belt, eliminate teh 2 mount bolts and also slide it outa the shouldn"t have to remove the completely, just acquire it outa teh"ll watch the sensor wiring behind it.
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i"d likewise recommend perform a coolant flush and fill v 50/50 and also no water wetter.
Freesing point Depresson
Red line WaterWetter walk not substantially reduce the freezing allude of water. If the auto will check out freezing temperatures, one antifreeze need to be used. Water expands around 9% upon freezing which can reason severe engine damage. Even in summertime, the use of the air-conditioning have the right to blow freeze air v the heater and also cause freeze of the heater core unless roughly 20% antifreeze is used.
I"d indicate not making use of the water wetter in the winter.and go to a consistent 50/50 mix the antifreeze and also distilled water.

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2013 Subaru Impreza WRX
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my auto has hit 2 cylinders today, due to the fact that one of my plug wires space separated top top the inside, and also i"ve been riding top top those for the last couple of days until I uncover my stock wires.....(my stupidity) my vehicle is idling fine now.....but ns think that"s because the examine engine light is on putting it in "defense mode" or w/e it"s called......also, i think i"m walk to carry out a coolant flush tomorrow morning : )
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