The 13" x 10" screen House has been discontinued.If you" in search of something new, examine out the finest tents and shelters because that 2021.

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Larry Kaylor+4

October 5, 2019

2-1bs and also a 4 per leg, 1-1b and a 1 per gable, 2-2b" and also a 2 every cross support. 5" comprise the 2 canopy truss supports. The is the easy.


Poor sewing, 2 d-ring straps come off and one zipper comes unsewn at the bottom.Velcro strips on the inside of the roof room not long enough to strap right into place.

Overall we have actually had an excellent success v this, various other than the truth the screen doesn" fairly go come the ground.

Weymouth Sluss+4

August 28, 2018

Got the Ozark display House 13x10 in ~ an antique keep for a great price. Do the efforts to set it up and also failed. It had actually the wrong pieces and there were not any type of tie downs included. This is the most unstable product I have actually tried to set up. Have the right to not acquire in touch with agency to gain assistance! absolutely no luck!

The framework is very complicated to set up and is very unstable. Worst part, cannot call company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenneth together Fineran+3

February 19, 2016


Ozark trace is a an excellent company. Perhaps it" the human being that should take a far better look at themselves and also stop putting down companies like Ozark.

I have actually three of them. I" had actually them because that 5 or 6 years and also I have no complaints v this agency and that is products. Keep up the good work. I" buy your products.

I provided the instructions the come v the assets I" bought for starter firewood in my campfire.

Got good screen house since I love camping and got a deal on it. Concerned find the end no instructions. Yes, really can" figure how to put it together. Never ever again for this product. Really, that make something and doesn" put instructions in it?

Got the tent up through help. We included some stakes to tie down since it to be flimsy/unstable and also then after three days an hour the rain came through 15 mph wind. Time came down because central pole snap in two pieces. Piece of junk.

Got this tent together a father" work gift. Made decision to use it to walk camping through my fiance and also we to be going to collection up prior to we went. Guess what NO instructions. We put it back in the bag and also said this is therefore stupid. Exactly how do you get a tent with no instructions.

I have discovered it takes two human being to placed this screenhouse together. I have actually two the them and also the only complaint I have is that when they are up and you sip the doors shut the bottom is two foot off the ground. Yet for the most part we like it and also take both of castle camping with every time we go. Ns think you need to do part redesign ~ above the doors, make them much longer or something.

Thank you

Bought 2 of the 13"" display Houses and also there to be no indict no owner manuals with them. I would price it if I might put lock up...If I ever before get castle up, I" let girlfriend know exactly how I chosen them.

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We" had actually this piece of garbage for 2 years now and also haven" to be able to usage it because we purchased it. We collection it increase one day, and by the following day or therefore it was down. A gentle wind come along and the screen house is for this reason "", that it to be knocked down and also one the the corner braces broke.

I had to call (didn" have a website to order from) come order the replacement piece - nearly $9 because that one item of plastic. Well, after ~ waiting several MONTHS (we ordered it in June, the replacement wasn" in stock, it arrived in January or February), great timing for using a display house in the Northeast. We placed up the screen house again the adhering to spring, and you guessed it, the was under the next day, with one more broken edge piece. Ns think we" replaced FOUR edge pieces, and I" have to order a 5th one!

As I stated at the start, this is the worst display house I" ever owned. Will never buy this brand again.