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Finding a place to cook your meals is simply as crucial as finding her meal in the very first place!

All over OSRS you can use stoves, ranges, and also fires to gain your food ready for consumption.

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But once you’re spring to cook a ton that food in ~ once, where the finest place to go? You desire to have the ability to cook as numerous items together possible, but additionally be in a practically location.

The most typically cooked food is fish, because these cure a the majority of hitpoints, and also are simple to catch.

So let’s take a look in ~ the ideal place to cook all your fish and also pastries quickly and efficiently!

5. Lumbridge Kitchen Range


This is a good F2P and also P2P spot to begin out cooking.

This variety has an ability which lowers your burn rate (on particular foods), i m sorry is incredibly valuable at previously levels.

The range is additionally called the Cook-o-matic 100, so that’s something.

The beds foods to cook here are typically low level fish.

Here’s an instance of just how the lower burn rate deserve to work: Trout normally stops burn at level 49, yet on this range it would avoid burning at level 47.

To manipulate this selection you’ll require to assist the Lumbridge Head Chef and complete the Cook’s Assistant quest.

This is a really easy quest, and also should be one of the first you ever before do on her account.

You have the right to expect a maximum of 1120 cooked fish every hour using this range.

Where to Find: Lumbridge Castle an initial Floor inside the kitchen.

4. Food preparation Guild


Once you’ve obtained level 99 cooking (or completed the Varrock hard Diary) you’ll have accessibility to the cooking guild bank, which makes the selection here very useful.

That said, that takes a when to acquire your cooking up to 99. Which way you might not find this point out as an important until girlfriend level up.

But this is just one of the few guilds accessible in F2P, so it’s absolutely a spot come bookmark.

The range is also right alongside the bank, optimally inserted so girlfriend can chef & financial institution in just a couple of steps.

Chefs who have at least level 32 cooking can go into the guild, and also you’d acquire there by making use of a skills necklace teleport.

You can cook a best of 1,377 fish per hour in this spot.

Remember come wear your chef cap to enter!

Where come Find: located just outside Varrock west financial institution on the way to barbaric Village.

3. Rogues’ Den


As our only fire ~ above this list, the Rogues’ den provides the closest ar to a financial institution – i m sorry is accurate a single tile far from the fire.

The fire is likewise eternal so the will never run out!

And because this is a fire, you have the right to only cook meat or fish. However this is typically fine, together fish space the major thing the most world cook in mass come level increase in OSRS.

You can cook a preferably of 1,388 fish she per hour, which is one of the highest amounts in video game at max efficiency!

As this is a fire, you likewise will acquire no benefits choose you would at a variety (regarding burn food).

Where to Find: You’ll find the Rogue’s Den under the pub in Burthorpe. Take it the mystery ladder behind the counter to reach this area.

2. Myths’ Guild


The Myths’ Guild is not easy to enter.

It requires the completion of Dragon Slayer II (have fun). Yet gaining entry provides accessibility to among the ideal ranges in OSRS.

This selection is comparable to the Rogues’ Den, in that it’s a solitary tile far from a bank chest ~ above the 2nd floor that the guild.

As a result, girlfriend can likewise cook a maximum of up to 1,388 fish per hour here.

You’ll likewise gain every the benefits of making use of a range, which to adjust this choice apart native the Rogues’ Den.

This way you’ll burn less food, i m sorry is more profit for you!

And this is arguably the best spot to usage after level 99 cooking.

Where to Find: In the Myths Guild top top the 2nd floor.

1. Hosidius residence Kitchen


This is the ideal spot to use while you’re quiet training cooking, as the ovens below decrease your burn price by 5% – and the effect stacks with food preparation gauntlets!

And this effect increases come 10% when you have the Kourend and also Kebos elite diary completed.

There’s a conveniently located bank chest below too, i m sorry will aid you cook bulk quantities of food.

Currently friend can cook a preferably of 1,333 fish below per hour. I m sorry is simply slightly worse than some of the over options, however this spot the included benefit of ensuring you nothing burn as much food.

So this has to be the finest spot to use if profit and experience space your motivating goals, as opposed to time constraints.

Note the you’ll require 100% Hosidius house favor to use the ovens here!

Where to Find: situated in the Hosidius house, just eastern of the mess hall. Any type of easy means to acquire here is to use a Xeric Talisman teleport come the Glade!

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