One Tree Hill: Every Wedding ~ above The Show, Ranked over the course of nine seasons of One Tree Hill, there were several significant weddings. How do lock rank once compared?

Featured picture of Nathan and Haley's wedding and Lucas and also Peyton's wedding in One Tree Hill
over the food of nine periods of One Tree Hill, romantic relationship were always at the forefront. From the love triangle between Peyton/Lucas/Brooke, to the high-school marital relationship of Nathan and Haley, romance to be the focal suggest of every season and also was integral to practically every storyline.

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Oftentimes, this romances resulted in proposals and wedding ceremonies. Regardless of there being seven weddings ~ above the show, no 2 were the same, not also the people that room literally because that the exact same two characters. However, part nuptials worked out far better than rather by result in resilient marriages together opposed come beloved partners acquiring jilted in ~ the altar.

Jules and Keith on your wedding day
as revenge because that Keith having one affair with his wife, Deb, Dan Scott rental a young woman to loss in love v his brother and also then rest his heart. The mrs in question was named Emily Chambers, though to Keith, she go by Jules.

Dan"s diabolical plan seemingly worked as Jules and also Keith began a relationship and also quickly got engaged with plans to wed. The arrangement was practically foiled as soon as Jules intended to go v with the marriage, however Karen uncovered out about her and also Dan"s revenge plot and also told she to rest it off. She left Keith in ~ the altar, leaving that heartbroken and Dan emotion vindicated. The wedding was a bust, and even though Keith do the efforts to later on attempt a connection with the genuine Emily, that never operated out.

Lucas and also Lindsey trading vows
lindsey was always going to be Lucas Scott"s rebound; he even proposed come her through the same ring he obtained for Peyton. Their connection was doomed the minute Peyton arrived ago in Tree Hill, but they both attempted to go with with their wedding.

Their wedding ceremony was a disaster in season 5; first with Lindsey coming to the realization the Lucas has actually and always will it is in in love through Peyton. She thinks earlier to his book and the link to the comet, which represented Peyton. She leaves the church before they can say "I do," at the same time the nanny Nathan and Haley newly fired is turn off kidnapping their son, Jamie.

Nathan and also Haley at their wedding reception
The just thing weirder than getting married once in high college is acquiring married twice, and that"s exactly what Nathan Scott and Haley James did. After ~ eloping their junior year, then separating months later, lock renewed your vows in a more traditional wedding consciousness their an elderly year.

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Haley and Nathan"s wedding had actually the makings to be beautiful, and most of that was, except for the fact the Peyton/Lucas/Brooke love triangle was at the peak because Brooke realized Lucas was never ever going to love her as much as he loved Peyton. Additionally, your wedding day ended with Rachel, Uncle Cooper, and Nathan"s fates undetermined together they stay trapped in the lake.

4 Clay & Quinn (Season 9, illustration 13)

Clay and Quinn with their son
Clay and also Quinn entered the present in Season 7 as replacements because that Peyton and also Lucas, and while their storylines were never as epic and also interesting as the former main characters, they still did their component to make up for the absence of "Leyton."

Clay and also Quinn"s wedding in the last season"s finale was straightforward and low-key, lot like the personalities of your characters. It was the 2nd marriage because that both of them, and also took location in a courthouse for this reason Quinn might formally adopt Clay"s child Logan in ~ the very same time. It matched Clay"s proposal come her, in which he asked she to marry him v a toy ring in Logan"s room.

Lucas and Peyton"s wedding to be a long time coming, however finally happened in Season 6 if the bride was expecting amid a high-risk pregnancy.

It to be a beautiful ceremony wherein Brooke stood up together Peyton"s Maid that Honor in spite of years of fighting over the guy who she was marrying, and Lucas" ideal friend Haley officiated. The night went off without a hitch till Peyton and Lucas went back home, and also she collapsed into a pool of her own blood, going into labor prematurely.

2 Brooke & Julian (Season 8, illustration 13)

Brooke Davis lastly got her happily ever before after once she married the guy of her dreams, Julian Baker, in season 8. The just thing lacking from their unique day was the return that Peyton Sawyer and also Lucas Scott to Tree Hill, however their lack was defined due to your daughter Sawyer gift sick.

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Jamie served as Julian"s best Man and also Haley was her Matron that Honor. Haley gave a special speech around how lot Brooke meant to her, and also how your friendship had blossomed over the years from them being strangers come the finest of friends.

The finest wedding in Tree Hill was the one between Nathan and Haley the took place between the season 1 finale and also season 2 premiere. The awareness is displayed through flashbacks in the 2nd season"s first episode, showing the pair exchanging vows on a beach.

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Even though they were barely 17, they were able to wed due to Nathan"s emancipation and Haley"s parents attending as witnesses. Their fast and basic wedding was symbolic the just exactly how in love with one an additional they were, and the truth their marriage lasted the whole duration that the series further verified they were intended to be.

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