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These days my alcohol take it is very modest.

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On celebratory occasions (my birthday, the bear of mine Granddaughter) a decent measure of Malt Whiskey (no water, no ice).

Nothing come touch the Lagavulin 16 Year Old.

When Ireland newly magnificently win The all Blacks at Rugby just a healthy and balanced slug the Bourbon seemed appropriate.

Given this was just the second victory end them in 111 years ns felt justification in removing the racehorse stopper from my prized bottle of Blanton’s Original solitary Barrel Kentucky Straight.


There’s also my heritage of sipping a good Pale Ale immediately I struggle the WordPress i announced Button and launch a new Immortal Jukebox post towards the waiting World!


Bishop’s Farewell constantly hits the spot as I wait for the Likes and Comments to flow in.

So, if you ask me what ns drink this days ns answer – not much yet when I execute : One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.

One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.

Now, earlier in the days when I to be to be found at mine favourite Honkytonks 3 or 4 times a week it was regularly the situation that as I approached the bar its custodian would certainly say, ‘A Rudy T together usual Thom?’


and I would sing out, ‘Of course, One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer’.

One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer in honour the Rudy Toombs that wrote the best drinking track of all time.

I don’t desire no soda nor bubble gum.

You obtained what i want simply serve me some.

One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.

Now didn’t the go down smoothly!

Amos Milburn, of course, a understand of the calm groove at the piano and also a singer that invites girlfriend to lean in and listen come a story you’re gonna desire to retell much more than a time or 2 – particularly when you’ve had a drink or three.

‘Please mr Bartender, listen here … ns ain’t here for trouble so have no fear.’

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This high proof beauty came out as a 78 in respectable 1953 and was attributed to Amos and His Aladdin Chickenshackers (must get that T Shirt consisted of for Christmas!).

The name of the backing tape was, of course, a nod come Amos’ immortal Number One Record, ‘Chicken Shack Boogie’ indigenous 1948.

That, ‘I ain’t drunk, I’m just real loose, actual loose’ etc comes via the magic fingers of Mickey Baker.

The public take it shot after shot taking the document to Number 2 in the R&B Charts throughout a 14 week residency ~ above the listings.

If you want another nip the this song, together you certain do, i think we must up the evidence level considerably and make it strong, actual strong.

And, as we all can surely agree, when it pertains to Electric Blues no one, no one, packs an ext punch than The hard Sender – Mr john Lee Hooker!

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John Lee is your go to man if you want to be certain to obtain high, be certain to get mellow, be sure to uncover yourself feelin’ good, be certain to emphatically, absolutely, categorically Knocked Out!

On his high octane take man Lee services from the support of Lafayette Leake top top the rippling piano, Fred below on the pounding drums and Eddie Burns ~ above the slashing guitar.

John Lee provides the tune drive and spirit v his patented combination of voice, guitar and also foot.

John Lee bent every tune he ever played come his very own will and also the distinct metre and tempo of his extensive musical imagination.

He had actually a an individual and musical presence that was genuinely awesome.

No use in trying come play prefer John Lee – you had actually to BE man Lee come play the way.

When it concerns shaking the floor and also rattling the walls John Lee reigns supreme.


I only got to see John Lee four or 5 times and I endowment the memory of every one.

But, this following take comes from someone who I’ve checked out on at the very least a score the stages, the unforgettable, irrepressible, unstoppable, Delaware Destroyer, George Thorogood.

You’re gonna should drink a fair couple of pints once you walk to watch George simply to replace the sweat you’ll exude together he puts the pedal come the metal.

George just loves The Blues and also he brings every ounce of energy at his command to bringing his lover music to life night after night almost everywhere the world.

This is a man who go 50 gigs in 50 states in 50 days and never to let go a beat!

He’s ~ above a kick and he sure as hell ain’t ever gonna obtain off till they screw under the casket.

Maybe your baby’s gone and it seems everything is lost.

They been out all night.

Never came back at the break of day.

What have the right to you do?

What deserve to you do?

Well, ns don’t favor to give advice come the love-lorn however if ol’ George remained in town I’d under One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer and station myself ideal in former of the stage and also let the music job-related its magic.

That Jersey audience struck lucky to see George on together fine kind with the included bonus that a distinct appearance through none various other than Elvin Bishop.

Wow, that’s part twin carburetor guitar power!

As I claimed at the outset i don’t yes, really drink currently like i did in the old days.

But, I have to admit, blasting Amos, man Lee and also George the end time after time together I created this write-up made me work up one hell the a thirst.

Nothing because that it however to line up The Lagavulin, The Blanton’s and also The Bishop’s and join the party.

One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer.


Notes :

Rudy Toombs – was a Louisiana aboriginal who ended up being one the many able and prolific songwriters that the 1950s.

His songbook has such classics as:

Amos Milburn – indigenous Houston made a magnificent series of records for the Aladdin label in the 40s and 50s.

My favourite tracks encompass – ‘ down the road a Piece’, ‘Rooming home Boogie’, ‘Let’s make Christmas Merry, Baby’ and’Bad, Bad, Whiskey’.

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Being the completest ns am I have actually the Mosaic brand Box collection but over there are many fine compilations the Amos obtainable for those that want just the hits.