The day started simply the same, the Straw cap crew to be sleeping other than Sanji. Nami quickly woke up too but as soon as she wake up up she saw the rose Luffy provided her last time, it to be on a vase Robin bought for her, she seems to notification that her flower looked prettier.  But the only difference on now is the they were woke up by explosions and also commotion.The crew woke up and they panicked.

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"What's happening?!" Chopper claimed as they witnessed that a villager's home is on fire.

"I don't know!" Sanji shouted.

They witnessed that the townsfolk to be panicking, crying, and also even shedding their minds. They every went down from Sunny and also they began questioning the villagers however they to be to afraid to answer.

"Who did this?!" Zoro inquiry angrily.

"I don't know! you re welcome let go of me!"

They noticed the there to be a delivery firing canonballs right into the village, it to be the Marines.

"That's weird." Nami claimed looking v the telescope.

"What is?" Franky asked.

"They're captain's no on the ship."

"Everyone!" Luffy called out come his crew.

"Listen, we require to break-up into teams and aid these people." The crew all agreed and also ignored the reality that Luffy claimed something smart for once.

"I'll aid the injured people!" Chopper said.

"I'll go with you!" Robin said.

"Me too!" Franky said.

"We'll take treatment of the ship." Zoro stated dragging Brook and also Usopp come Sunny.

"Wait, i didn't authorize up because that that!" Usopp stated struggling out of Zoro's grip.

"Nami, Sanji. Well take on the bastard responsible for this!" Luffy said, slamming his palm right into his fist.

"Ok." Sanji and also Nami said.

The Sraw cap Pirates have determined on your groups and also they all started to walk to their designated areas.

Choppers Group:

Chopper, Robin, and Franky have reached the town and started helping the townsfolk.

Chopper easily ran come the injured people.

"Hold still! I'm no gonna hurt you!" Chopper claimed to the villager, who refused to expropriate Chopper's help.

There were also people stuck within their house so Franky and Robin to care of that.

"Hold on!" Franky claimed as he put out the fire impede the doorway that the house.

As soon as Franky finished he go his usual pose and also said, "SUPPPEEERRRR!!!"

"Thank you an extremely much!" The family members said as they saw that they could really be good pirates.

"Help me! ns can't move!" A villager claimed in are afraid with a plank crushing his leg.

Then a pair that hands moved the plank away from his leg and also then a straight line of bag of hands showed up on the ground and also carried him all the method to Chopper.

Chopper's group operated to the bone come make certain that component of the village is safe.

"All appropriate onto the next one!" Chopper claimed pointing come the next area.

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Zoro's Group:

As soon as Zoro's group went top top Sunny, Zoro easily ran to the ship's steering wheel.