If you’ve never owned a gas leaf blower before, there is one point that is vital that you have to understand. You should fill up your blower v the proper oil come gas ratio. You could experience a devastating an outcome if girlfriend accidentally forget come mix oil in with the gas. In those cases, girlfriend will likely be to buy a new blower since the engine could lock up within seconds.

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What’s the industry Standard?

Gas sheet blowers generally use a gas to oil mixture the 40:1. So that would translate to about 3.2 ounces that 2-cycle engine oil to one gallon the gas.

Most gas blowers have a 2-cycle engine, which requires the gas/oil mixture in order because that the engine to remain lubricated. It’s important to no mix continuous engine oil in the mixture, due to the fact that it is as well think and also can cause extr problems.

How to Mix the Gas and also Oil

When you’ve got the ratios figured out, you have the right to take her gas can to the terminal to to fill up. Always use fresh gas as soon as you refill your blower. Once you’ve obtained a gallon of gas in her can, then just pour in the oil and also mix it approximately good. There’s no proper technique to mixing it, simply close the cap and give that a great shake because that a few seconds and you will be good to go.

It’s always far better to overestimate the amount of oil you usage in the mixture quite than not have enough. Be diligent in your efforts to gain the proper ratio, but the engine will run far better with an ext oil combined in rather than less.

If you’re unsure as to exactly what the proportion is for your blower, examine the owner’s hands-on for an ext information.

You have the right to use consistent unleaded petrol for the mixture, yet it won’t pains if you update to the premium grade. In fact, the much more expensive gas will certainly probably help your engine run a little more smoothly.

What happens if ns Don’t Mix the Gas v Oil?

You will very quickly realize that there is a problem with her blower. That will only take a matter of seconds prior to the blower makes a horrendous noise and also then shuts under all together. At that point, girlfriend will have to take it come a professional, yet the fix fees may be so much that it’s simply worth to buy a brand brand-new blower.

Other points You need to Know

If you room done using your blower, and also you recognize you won’t be making use of it for a while, climate be sure to empty the gas tank and also seal the tightly. Leaving the gas/oil mixture in the tank have the right to make that gummy and cause added issues.

Also, be certain to shake your gas/oil mixture right before you placed it in your blower. The oil will different from the gas when it sits for a duration of time, so you need to make sure it is blended well.

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If you are coming to a allude in the year wherein you won’t need the oil/gas mixture for a while, climate it’s best if friend dispose of the unused mixture. In stimulate to keep your blower running effectively over time, it needs to have fresh gas and also oil.