Slim, the jerkline skinner, is john Steinbeck’s instance of what he think is the best kind of guy or the great guy’. Slim have the right to make any type of bad case a win-win case for both persons. For example, as soon as Curley start a fight through Lennie and also gets his hand busted, George assumed that castle would acquire put into Jail however Slim became involved and also helped Lennie. He said to Curley, “I think her han’ got captured in a machine. If girlfriend don’t phone call nobody what happened, we ain’t walk to. Yet you jus’ call an’ shot to acquire this man canned and also we’ll tell ever’body, an’ then will certainly you obtain the laugh” (64).

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Scenes like this show that Slim is a great man that knows how to rotate the tables in a negative situation. Slim is a smart guy who knows how to use his head to obtain out of any bad situation. Slim is a smart guy who make the efforts to assist everyone as soon as the going it s okay rough. When the ranchers to be going to go off and catch Lennie since he eliminated Curley s wife, Slim make the efforts to make Curley remain in the ranch because Slim knew that if Curley goes v them, he to be going come shoot Lennie. Slim make the efforts to assist Lennie through trying come make sure Curley doesn’t go v them due to the fact that he knows the Curley would want to shooting him.

Slim tries to at least tries to aid Lennie live. Slim make the efforts to make something great happen for Lennie in a bad situation yet in this chance Slim did all he might for poor Lennie. Slim is just one of the ideal kind that man however unfortunately there are likewise men the complete opposite the Slim. Curley, the boss’s son, is man Steinbeck’s example of what he think is the worst kind of man. Curley did plenty of things i m sorry made him ‘the bad guy’ in the story. He picks on Lennie since he is bigger than he is and wants come intimidate the so he would certainly think Curley is exceptional to him.

Curley cares an ext about his proud or machismo’ an ext than the cares about another person’s feelings. The is an ext than willing to action on everyone just everyone have the right to think that is the superior guy in that ranch. Curley’s pride came to be so great that he started to beat up Lennie only because he to be laughing. Curley began an unnecessary fight because that a ridiculous reason. Curley didn’t also know if Lennie was actually laughing at him or at something else. Largely the victims of Curley’s cruelty were world he didn’t like. Consequently, always having points your means can turn you into a bad person.

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Slim and Curley were personalities that portray the best kind and also worst sort of males in that Mice and also Men. Slim was the best kind that man since he helped the employees out v their problems by utilizing his head and thinking points out. Curley to be the worst kind of man because all that did to be care around his image and also beat up any type of man who he assumed would ruin his image. Regrettably there are many poor men like Curley but look in ~ the shining side. There are also good men like Slim out there make the efforts to assist people with their problems everyday.