Hello. I'm traveling to SA following month through a tour group, so perform not yet have my flight information. Ns heard on TV last night the it take away 16 hours to fly to SA indigenous JFK?? How deserve to it take longer than to fly to Asia, i m sorry is 12 hours? probably I'm unfamiliar with geography...or probably does it have something to do with the form of the globe? Thanks.

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Think you underestimate JFK come Asia. JFK to Tokyo is 14.5 hours, Hong Kong 16 hrs.

Anyway, southern African prayer lists 14 hrs 50 min JFK-JNB

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If girlfriend feel favor your flight is taking longer than before, you most likely are correct. The answer to why flights space taking much longer than 50 year ago:


Yes, ns did underestimate my direct flight from JFK come Beijing to be 13.5 hours...which was rather grueling. For part reason, I thought JNB would be a shorter flight. Now having just looked in ~ a globe, I deserve to see why the is a longer flight. I'm really pertained to at this point because I asked for a window seat and also I have poor knees. Unfortunately, the business class upgrade is $5 700...too lot for my blood.

The sewage SAA flight 204 (JFK to JNB) has been to run 14-14.5 hours flight time over the vault week, when 203 (JNB to JFK) westbound is slightly much longer as just over 15 hours. Of course, this go not include taxi time on one of two people end.

Just checked my itinerary again. Am flying right into Cape town. Because I don't have actually the flight information yet, don't recognize if it's a straight flight or not. I imagine due to the fact that it's a group tour, there will be a bus company from the airport to the hotel. Still no looking front to this trip -lol

There room no nonstops in between Cape Town and JFK, or everywhere in north America to mine knowledge. Together such, you're absolutely connecting somewhere...most likely JNB.

Also, keep in mind the eastbound flights are shorter, regularly quite a little bit so, than westbound flights. For example, yesterday's, JFK-JNB on southern African was in the air because that 14:25, whilst JNB-JFK remained in the air because that 15:00.

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I flew Miami-Cape city and ago when SAA flew that route. Scheduled trip time to be a tiny over 15 hours.