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Musings top top travel, languages, and expatriate life. In ~ this certain moment, I"m attempting no to act favor a tourist in Rome, Italy.

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February 23, 2015 learning Italian in Rome - expression of the Week: non vedo l"ora (fig. Can"t wait) February 23, 2015/ Tara Quan

Okay, this short and also quick post is influenced by an really experience. Girlfriend see, after i publishedthree romanzi rosa (romance/chick-lit novels)featuringgatti(cats),mio marito(my husband) take it the hint and went around the process of adoptingun cucciolo(any infant animal, aka cub, aka kitten, in this case...it can additionally mean puppy or lion cub though). However, the one he chose on hasn"t to be weaned yet, so he"s to be on pins and needles wait for our new pet to be ready.

His Italian being far better than mine, he composed an emailto the owner the theallevamento(place the raises/breeds animals, including cats) saying "Non vedo l"ora di vedere Zivago(temporary surname of kitten). ~ the reading the email, i was 100% sure he made a mistake.

Me: Honey, why walk your email say "I can"tsee the time to view Zivago?" space you saying we don"t have actually time to choose him up? (Yes, ns was panicking. It took a when to get my practiced freak spouse to come approximately to the idea of us having actually a pet. I wasn"t going come let him back out at this late time.)

At i beg your pardon time, mine know-it-all spouse, pointed me come this thread on WordReference.com.

You see,"Non vedo l"ora di vederti"means "I can"t wait to view you," which, apparently, is not an uncommon way of finishing romantic correspondence.

In other words, Non vedo l"orais the English identical of "I can"t wait to" or "I"m dying to" perform something. The easiest way to usage it would certainly be to monitor it withdi + infinitive of a verb.Non vedo l"ora di vedere= I"m dying to see, and Non vedo l"ora di vederti= I"m dice to see you.Non vedo l"ora di vedere mia madre= I"m dice to check out my mother.

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Non vedo l"oracan likewise be complied with byche+ different subject + good-bye tense. For example,Non vedo l"ora che sia natale= ns can"t wait because that (it=new subject) to it is in Christmas.