The best of the South


From Texas to Louisiana, this 6-day road trip takes you with San Antonio, Houston, Lafayette and new Orleans. Jam-packed through history, cg-tower.comfort food and also culture, this trip is appropriate for couples or older families who want to enjoy the ideal of the south.

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The driving will take around 8-10 hours and we recg-tower.commend acquisition the federal government 10 (I-10), which will take you from san Antonio to new Orleans.

Start: san Antonio

Finish: new Orleans

Duration: 885km – 6 job

Day 1: mountain Antonio

Welcg-tower.come to san Antonio, arguably one of America’s most historic cities. This Texan city own a well-off past; being first colonised by Spanish-Mexico roughly 400 years earlier and just joining the rest of the USA in 1845. Through such a cg-tower.complicated history, cg-tower.come valued historical sites. Make sure you don’t miss the Alamo Mission, founded in the 18th century as a roman Catholic mission and fortress cg-tower.compound.

We Recg-tower.commend: stay the night follow me the iconic river Walk. You’ll be well-situated, in ~ walking street to shops, eateries and entertainment.

Day 2: mountain Antonio

Start work 2 by a stroll top top the flow Walk and discovering a cosy point out to enjoy a tranquil brunch. If you feeling an especially languid, take trip down the water top top a river boat. There room a number of museums and also galleries to tickle your fancy. Inspect out the Witte Museum and the mountain Antonio Museum that Art.

We Recg-tower.commend: for a late night, spend it at ‘Cullum’s Attagirl,’ where you’ll discover craft beer on tap and finger lickin"good fried chicken.


Day 3: san Antonio,TX cg-tower.come Houston,TX

Duration: 320km – 3hrs

Today you’ll journey to Houston. Get onto the I-10 W and also the remainder of the driving need to be quite straightforward. About an hour right into the journey you’ll cg-tower.come across Buc-ee’s, a must-stop on your trip. Buc-ee’s is a huge gas station with clean bathrooms and a good selection that food and also souvenirs. Some have even gone as much to say it’s an iconic Texas institution. After the pit stop, proceed driving east to Houston.

Day 4: Houston

Start her day with a Houston standard breakfast spot. We recg-tower.commend The Breakfast Klub for diner-style American eats and also soul food, including chicken and also waffles. This spot can be busy, for this reason be ready to wait.

Being the largest city in the southern United States, yes sir a lot cg-tower.come see and do and also you’ll no doubt find something to record your attention. However, if she in Houston you can not go past its important contribution to an are exploration as the house of NASA’s Johnson room Institute. You deserve to visit the an are Centre to understand a better understanding the the cosmos and also see the world’s biggest public arsenal of moon rocks and lunar samples.


Day 5: Houston,TX cg-tower.come Lafayette, LA

Duration: 350km – 3.5hrs

You’ll be leaving because that Lafayette now via the I-10 E. Lafayette is thought about the center of Acadiana, the area the Cajun and also Creole culture in Louisiana and the united States. About 40 mins before Lafayette you’ll cg-tower.come throughout Ace Donuts, perfect because that an cheap sweet law on your way into town. As soon as in Lafayette check out the Acadian Village, a showcase the 19th-century life in Southwest Louisiana with historical homes, blacksmith shop and general store.

Tip: continue to be the night in a revitalized B&B, such together the Plantation Mouton – one emblematic example of Antebellum-era architecture.


Day 6: Lafayette,LA to new Orleans Duration: 215km – 2hrs

New orleans (pronounced new Or-lens) is your final destination. You’ll desire to invest at least 2 nights below as yes a wide-range of points to do. Having a auto here will be advantageous as there room plantations external of city that space worth visiting. For history buffs, visit the USA’s fourth highest rated museum (TripAdvisor, 2016), The people War II museum; or drive the end to the Oak Alley Plantation. Located on the Mississippi River, the Oak Alley Plantation presents historical grounds and exhibits for you to learn, contemplate and understand what life would have been prefer for both the plantation families and also the enslaved.

Mardi Gras is probably new Orlean’s most iconic yearly event, usually held in February or early on March. If you planning to it is in in the city at an additional time that year, visit Mardi Gras World. This attraction is a functioning warehouse where the floats for Mardi Gras and other events are produced. Inspect out the sculptured props, vast floats, outrageous costumes, and also all kinds of memorabilia. Guided tours are readily available daily and go v the workshops wherein artists and also sculptors job-related on their exceptional creations. Other must-dos space a ghost tour in the French Quarter and also shopping and also dining on magazine Street.

Tip: It’s also important to keep in mind that indigenous April v to October over there are loads of regional festivals, everywhere the city. Countless of lock are totally free and a an excellent way to reap the rich and also lively society of brand-new Orleans.

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